E. R. M. (Electric Riding Mowers)

Some, a few might remember, some time ago, I predicted them. After using my electronic push mower a few weeks, it seems the logical progression.

Therefore, I had no surprise when I saw a number of them on display, but for over $5k. Really?!

I don’t know. Maybe someone saw my suggestion and designed the things. For the sake of my ego, I will say it was my idea first. However, my idea was simple, something that might cost a little less than a grand. I mean, all you need is put a seat on the mower I have and add some power wheels. My goodness. Did anyone hear of keep it simple stupid!?

I started doing the math. If I pay a kid 10 dollars a week, 26 weeks a year, that’s 260 a year. In ten years, I’m still better off paying the kid and I don’t need to get out in the summer heat.

I guess it is okay for some with really big lawns, but mine is not that big.

Besides, if I pay the kid, I save the cost of the electricity. On the other hand, if I ever get a 1 or 2 acre lot, I will likely buy the big expensive one. I mean, unlike electronic cars, the mower would always be near a charging station… that is as long as the power grid holds.

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