While We Can

Invariably, the first thing tyrants do as they take over a country, it to silence populace.  One of the first things to disappear from a free country is the freedom to speak or publish freely.  It is odd here in the US that we have gained some freedoms of expression while we have lost others.  While books containing drag-queen literature is becoming prevalent, the Bible and literature about it are more frequently being banned.  If a teacher should have it on his desk, it just might be grounds for dismissal.

On the other hand, in my son’s intermediate school, the teacher thought it would be a good idea for all the students in the class to plot their astrological charts.  May I say, astrology is more of a religion than Christianity?

However, my point today only brushes with the subjects.  My real concern is beyond the argument of which religion is or isn’t true.  The fact is that Christianity is currently hated more than any religion from any country, and this includes religions that openly worship the devil.  Indeed Satan worship is protected in all military services and all chaplains are required to honor it.  It seems it is completely contrary to the reason to have chaplains in the first place.

To be sure, every time someone raises a voice against the way Christianity is treated, whoa to he who speaks it.  Oddly, in some cases, it is a person right within the church that speaks ill of him who has the nerve to say that homosexuality is wrong, though God, himself speaks against it many times.  For sure, it is the primary, if not the only reason for the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.  It is at least one reason that God Brought Israel into the promise land.  God, through the hand of Moses said as much, though most would like to ignore it.

Most times, it’s not a matter of knowing right from wrong.  The vast majority of us know from our youth.  The two problems are getting people to admit to the obvious and then do that which they know to be right.

Let us take a look at it.  Do you find Bibles in porn stores?  When you enter a bar, will you see reruns of Billy Gramm sermons on the TVs?  Of course not.  To the current public, there are many other things more important, not to mention, they can get embarrassing…seeing such things in such places.  It is as if we can keep God from seeing us if we leave our Bibles at home.

So now.  I guess we can’t take our Bibles to school.  Why?  Because we just might do something that the Lord will disapprove of?  I guess, when it come comes to sex ed.; we really don’t want God looking over our shoulder.  We certainly don’t want God to see the encouragement of killing the unborn.  Boy, would that get in the way.

So, our neighbors, our community, our government is doing what they can to shut us up.

So, before they do.  Before they remove from us the most important right of all, while we still can, perhaps it is time to say something.  Or we may not be able to say anything.  While we still can, maybe we should remind one and all, just cause you say it’s right, doesn’t make it so.

If we lose the first amendment, most certainly the rest of our freedoms will soon follow.  Then.  You just might think, I should have said something.

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