A New Wonder Plane

Just saw it on the web…an electric powered seaplane capable of a hundred miles with 19 passengers. Now let’s see. That means it can go between L.A. or San Diego and Catalina. maybe without a recharge. That means it can go from L. A. to San Diego. I suspect it would take a few stops to go from L. A. to San Francisco.

That is a somewhat limited range though there is an advantage. Should the fuel…er, the charge, start running low, as long as it is over water, it can just about sit down anywhere. No need to look for a runway. On the other hand, it could be a long swim to shore.

I kind of like the idea of seaplanes. If I were a billionaire, I just might buy one. However, I think mine would be powered by gas. Much better to fly than swim.

Okay. That is just over the edge. I shouldn’t say things like that when people are doing what they can to save our planet. However, sometimes a person has to go over the edge a little to get people to that we are a long ways from truly practical electric planes. I did see the photo of the plane, though. It looks nice. Put a couple of gas guzzling engines on it, and they just might have a product they can sell.

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