Dems Complain About Gun Sales

According to the news media, the Democrats are complaining about the recent increase in gun sales.

Me thinks they need a lesson on cause and effect. Most, including myself are considering buying guns because of the rise in crime. I assure you, if I buy a gun, it will not cause crime. On the other hand, it just might decrease it some.

Just maybe, if the dems decrease crime, such as riots, arson, pilfering and outright murder, we’d not have as much urge to spend the money for our training, weapon(s), ammunition and practice to keep ourselves safe.

And, by the way, if any of us does need to defend ourselves and families, we stand stand the rea1 risk of imprisonment. Which can result the family being left out in cold. Still better than the wife and kids waking up dead because some no account DA is not doing his duty.

At the very least, a person using his gun in his defense will need to defend his actions, perhaps even without ever shooting it. Indeed, it is illegal to brandish a weapon, even though brandishing the gun might save multiple lives, including the assailants.

As near as I can tell, a lot depends on the DA. As in Rittenhouse’s case, the DA went after him for about a year. I cannot imagine what he paid for lawyers. In the end he won, but it could have gone the other way. He could be sitting in prison while most the rioters would go free. I just might be wrong, but I don’t think the DA went after one of the arsonists, even though I don’t think any of them can claim they set the fires in self defense.

Me thinks the DA is a LITTLE biased. And such might be the case for any person firing a weapon in self defense.

IIncidentally, in every case of self defense, there is a true crime, the assault by the one wounded or killed. Without the attack, there is no need for the defense!

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