Empty Nest

I guess you could say that we now have an empty nest. We have grandchildren that now drive. Both of our ‘kids’ live close to a thousand miles from us. So, nowadays, when Christmas comes around, we just try to find a restaurant open.

The problem is, with the Chinese virus this year, there are even less places open than normal. So, this year we decided to eat at home. It just so happened I was in a convenience store one night to buy milk and I saw these serving sized BBQ briskets that were chopped up bite sized. It looked pretty good.

Usually we eat turkey or ham for Christmas but this year we had brisket for a change. Nice thing was they were all set for the microwave. In four minutes, the main course was done. In fact, it took about the same time to make some mashed potatoes and heat some canned green beans.

Now I’m not going to say that it was a dinner for royalty, but it was good and we did enjoy it. Moreover, when we were done, cleanup was a minimum, about three minutes.

However, the two dogs also had Christmas dinner. I gave each a half can of dog food sprinkled with small kibble. On the side, they each had a half a can of spam. They each enjoyed their dinner, I dare say more than we enjoyed ours. The hitch was, they didn’t enjoy theirs nearly as long. I suspect they were done with theirs inside two minutes. Then, of all things, they wanted us to share ours with them.

Dogs! Really!

Well, the kids are nowhere around. I suspect after a year or two the dogs won’t be either. One is twelve, the other over thirteen. Both of them are have health problems. Then we will have an empty nest. With us being so old, we don’t dare get any more pets.

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