Wendy’s, Are You Listening?

I suspect not. It think it would be more likely that Dave would hear me than the staff he left behind.

Just the same, if you are listening, you just lost a customer. I just finished a game of Free Cell and clicked on ‘New Game.’ Almost instantly, without warning, I heard this loud voice accompanying a Wendy’s add. I jumped three or four inches out of my seat. Once I recovered, I muted the sound and waited until the add was done. Learning my lesson, I think I shall mute the sound before clicking on new game again. That really was quite a start and it didn’t do my ears any good either.

Anyone else listening, you might take this as a warning. You pull this one on me and I won’t be your customer either. I will also have a tendency to speak badly of you as well. Maybe it won’t make any measurable difference but I think Dave would be ashamed of this add, especially if it happened to him in his later years.

Shame on you for scaring a man out of two years of his life, especially as I have so few left.

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