Some Folks Just Can’t Run an Election

It would appear that the Georgia secretary of state doesn’t know how to run an election. Actually, that fella in Pennsylvania doesn’t understand how either. We here in Mississippi might not know a few of those fancy things those boys in Georgia can do, but our election went off without a hitch. Most of the results were in by midnight. That fella in Georgia counted the votes three times and still got it wrong.

I’m sure if y’ll in Georgia need help, our secretary of state can teach ya. That goes for all y’ll up north like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin too.

By the way, Alabama got it right the first time too. I’m not sure when they were done, but my guess is you fellas were only about half done with your first count.

Well, I must admit, y’ll did have problems with that ‘water main.’ Glad to hear no one drowned. Still, that slowed you but a couple of hours. From what I understand, no one needed any boats after the minor flood.

Also, of course, y’ll have such massive populations. All y’ll had a lot more voters than Mississippi. I know how that works. You have twice the voters so it takes four times longer. I think all those fancy mathematicians call that exponential or something like that.

However, if that’s true, how did Florida get done so fast. And by the way, no one doubts their outcome. And, oh yes. Texas got done in a hurry too. No doubts about their results, either.

On the other hand, from what I understand New York is still counting votes. It seems every time they get done, they find another dozen ballots. California really isn’t doing much better, though I do think most of their races are settled. Then, mostly it doesn’t matter in most of those races who wins. With just a few exceptions, no matter who wins it’s a democrat… or might as well be.

I simply don’t understand it. How is it that a man with a college degree can’t run a fair & equitable election that people can trust. The truth be known, I don’t think any of them wanted to. If they did, Trump would have won and they didn’t want that. They wanted to put their fingers on the scale enough to put Biden in. Their plot just might have backfired in their faces. At this point, I doubt anyone with a brain would ever trust them to run a state fair. Come to think of it, it is probably easier to run an election than a state fair.

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