Suzy-Q was half lab & half Sharpe. Don’t know how you pronounce that but she was all love. She loved walks, car rides and tolerated the cats, usually. Not so much when they tried to get her treats. When young, she ran like the wind. I was recently informed that she had a huge tumor pressing against her liver and backbone. It caused great pain and made it very difficult to stand, let alone walk. So, at fourteen we said our final goodbye to her as well as Misty.

Misty was apparently a birddog that thought she was a border collie. She too, had a huge tumor, but hers was on her shoulder. It made it difficult for her to walk and it was bleeding where the skin split. She too was in pain but I almost insisted she remain with us a while, but she was suffering. Besides, the vet said the tumor could split wide open without warning.

Both deserved more walks, more car rides and less suffering. So, a short time ago, we said our final goodbye. And of course, we already find life a little more difficult without them.

We are both too old to adopt more friends. If we die, no one would remain to take care of them. So, now we are cat people. That’s not totally bad. Unfortunately, they will outlive us. Hopefully, they will find new homes when that happens.

I don’t normally write a lot about pets. I hope 1 every 6 or 7 months is permissible.


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Suzy-Q and Misty. It’s heartwarming to read about the love and care you provided them, and it’s sad to hear about their passing. Your decision to prioritize their well-being over your own desires is truly commendable.

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