Cats Never Frown

A few months ago we took a stray cat in. Now we have six. Strange how that works. That simply was not part of the deal. Now, we must take all six to the vet and make sure we have no more.

The mother is a very pettish calico who thinks whenever I leave my chair, she should lie in it. One of the kittens has gold and white paches. She thinks she should sleep under my chin whenever I’m in my chair. The rest at various times sleep just wherever they have a notion from chest to lap and even my legs.

This is all very nice most of the time but occasionally I like to work with my laptop on my lap. Also, occasionally, people come to the door trying to sell things I don’t want or or need.

I have tried to explain this to the kittens but they ignore me, all the time smiling as if they know not what I am talking about. Then i hurriedly remove the kittens as they determinedly jump back on me. All the time, I yell at the door just a moment, knowing that whoever’s there is wanting to give me that million dollar check I’ve been expecting.

It seems to be the nature of kats, especially kittens to smile at all times, especially when they are about to be fed. Then too, when i rattle their box of treats, they have big smiles as they know it is treat time. The time they smile most is just before they are going to do something they know they shouldn’t.

Generally, they will glance over at me, smiling at me knowing I won’t won’t swat them because they are just too cute and loveable.

They are wrong, though. Then they act so hurt, so confused that I should defend my chair from their claws. Yet, even in their surprise and anger, they keep smiling. It is, sort-of what they do.

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