Weapon of Choice

It is a strange world we live in when an AR15 is called an assault weapon and idiots choose them for mass shootings. I hate to disillusion everyone, but a man in a prison machine shop made a far more dangerous weapon, and it was actually used in assaults, many of them very effectively.

While guns that effective can be built in basements, you will never take guns from bad people, only the good people. This will give the bad people more power and the idea of power.

I would like very much explaining all this in more detail but I am afraid the bad guys will figure it out before Joe and his crowd. After all, most of the criminals are smarter than ol Joe.

I will say this much, when I was in the Marines, I liked the M 16. It was lighter, easier to shot and far easier to clean than the weapon I first shot. But if I went into war today, my weapon of choice would be the one I first qualified with. And I am not the only marine who’ll tell you that, without hesitation.

At any rate, if you are going allow or disallow AR 15s, please, stop calling it an assault weapon. It might look like one but it’s not. Neither will it ever be.

Before Joe opens his mouth and proves himself a fool, just maybe he should spend an hour or two learning about them. It wouldn’t hurt for a few congressmen to do the same.

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