It’s Not All About Choice

I don’t know why I was so slow on the uptake. As with most, I thought the argument was between pro life and pro choice. The fact is that there are at least 3, possibly 4 factions.

Whenever it is suggested that someone considering an abortion there is an element out there that absolutely objects to any consuling. If the suggestion is made to have an ultrasound, those that belong to the pro abotion group start going apoplectic. They will accept nothing less than a choice of death for the child.

Those that are truly pro choice would be in favor of the woman making an informed decision as with any other medical decision. However, when a woman visits an abortionist, he says, sign on the line and we will quickly resolve this little problem.

I don’t believe any so-called doctor making his living by killing can properly consule a 14 or 15-year-old. He has too much of a personal interest in it as do those who run the clinics.

I suspect that at least half those who are truly presented all the risks and facts woul chose life.

As an aside, all the babies, regardless of age, would choose life. On the other hand, the pro abotion person would always choose death, especially when the mother is Black.

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