Some Need to be Reminded

Some forget the day when Obama said it would do no good in responce to the cry of the people to drill baby drill. However, I remember it well.

Today, we know he was wrong. President Trump turned the oil industry loose and they drove oil down to 30 dollars a barrel. At one point, the price was even driven negative for a few days.

Then Joe stepped into the Oval Office and declared war on fossil fuel and the price has more than doubled. It was no accident. It was by design and Joe will only be happy when American oil ceases.

He claims he wants the price of gasoline go down while he and his cohorts do all they can to drive the prices up and out of sight.

To get the price to receed is simple for those of us who remember, DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!

As an aside, do you notice how Joe blames the little guy running gas stations, Putin and the oil companies.

Some station owners are loosing money on gas sales. Putin is thrilled that Joe drove the price up. It is virtually financing his attack on Ukraine. And, of course, the oil companies would do much better if Joe would simply step out of the way.

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