No More Fossil Fuels

Actually it’s easy. We were surviving without fossil fuels long ago. Before coal, we used wood. Before kerosene lamps, we used oil we got from whales. At one time, we used fat from animals to make candles.

It might seem strange to some, but we used to run trains off wood. Even today, some race cars use burn alcohol. If we want to devote over half our farm land to growing corn, maybe our regular cars could burn alcohol too. I have heard it burns cleaner than gasoline.

Then too, alcohol could also be used to power generation stations. Then again we could go back 2000 years and burn olive oil. That would make the olive farmers happy.

When I was a kid, I really liked riding my bicycle but I only had a few miles to go to school. I’m afraid I would not have been able to peddle 40 miles to work the last decade before my retirement. I guess I might have taken a bus but for three things. The nearest bus was 10 miles from my house. I worked nights when busses didn’t run. Finally, the bus routes didn’t work for me.

Besides, if I relied on a bus, it would mean using that horribly fossil fuel.

Some folks had the bright idea of using the atom. That was going well until 3 mile island… the there was the horrible tragedy in Japan, the earthquake followed by the tsunami. If you’ll excuse the expression, it’s made many a little gun shy.

I sort of like the idea of going back to horses. But I really don’t think many would like the smelly dirty streets. Well, maybe we could use the maneuver to generate gas.

But we can’t do that. That is natural gas… not a fossil fuel but basically the same thing, only not as old.

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