Why Should I Vote for a pro Life Candidate?

Many discourage the idea of voting based on one issue, especially abortion.

While there are some valid reasons for the logic, I would suggest that there is also good logic in voting for a pro life candidate.

First, it is the right thing to do. Abortion is literally the taking of human life. According to Fox News there have been 63 million abortions since 1974. That’s just wrong. Moreover, it has been intentionally racist. By a wide margin, most of those killed were minorities. With African Americans accounting for about 13 percent of those in the US, they account for roughly 60 percent of the abortions. The abortionists killed far more black children than the KKK ever hoped. And, ironically, the abortionists are held in high esteem…unlike the KKK, not that they deserve any respect.

Secondly, it is an indicator. It takes honesty, courage and integrity for a candidate to declare himself pro life. These are traits we should all demand of all of our leaders. In today’s society, it takes nothing to declare pro choice.

Finally, a person who is pro life most probably have the right perspective on most of the other issues. Therefore, the candidate who declares to be pro life is likely the true good mult-issue candidate, the one who is more believable. Case in point, can you ever believe anything Joe has said and look at all Trump did, true to his words.

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