An Accidental Prophecy

Often times, I try to project my books into the near future. It gives me a little freedom to say things without anyone thinking it refers to something in the past or present. Also, and maybe more important, it gives me the freedom of writing in an environment of my own invention.

The person who wrote “Escape From New York” might have had the same thing in mind. The New York in his work is nothing like the real one. It is a fantasy, though some might suggest maybe not so much of one.

When I started my book, “His Protector.” I needed a dangerous New York; one in which the cabbies carried guns and people simply did not go out after dart at all. One of the main characters in the book, a former marine lieutenant sleeps with triple locks on a reinforced door and rope at the ready so he can go out the window.

At the time I wrote the book, nothing could be further from the truth. New York had become a safe place. Given a little time; given a few changes in the law enforcement in the city, and suddenly, and my book becomes something of a prophecy. Although New York still has some to go before it is as the one I wrote of, it is certainly far closer than I expected. It would seem that it is what happens when the city and state adopt the concept of, incarcerate the guns and knives and let the criminals go free.

At any rate, I figured I would give you a chance to read the book. This Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th of May, the book will be available free. To find out how to order it, go to my home page.

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