The Crook?

Most all of us around at the time remember President Nixon saying, “I am not a crook. “

Now let’s consider those who are likely real crooks.

In 30 years, Nancy Pelosi has accumulated over $100 million dollars, naturally all legal and ethical. Sorry. I’m not convinced. I don’t believ it.

Look at the millions the Clintons accumulated after leaving the White House…this though they claimed to be broke at the end of his second term.

Joe seems well healed for a man who lived on senator’s and VP pay. Just where did his wealth come from. Maybe Russia? Maybe China? Perhaps both?

Seems to me, Nixon`s crime, though it might be real, is miniscule compared to Joe, Nancy, and Bill.

As an aside, I still don’t believe that Clinton story about the friend committing suicide in that park. It’s a coincidence I just can’t swallow, especially given the timing.

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