An Accidental Prophecy

Often times, I try to project my books into the near future. It gives me a little freedom to say things without anyone thinking it refers to something in the past or present. Also, and maybe more important, it gives me the freedom of writing in an environment of my own invention.

The person who wrote “Escape From New York” might have had the same thing in mind. The New York in his work is nothing like the real one. It is a fantasy, though some might suggest maybe not so much of one.

When I started my book, “His Protector.” I needed a dangerous New York; one in which the cabbies carried guns and people simply did not go out after dart at all. One of the main characters in the book, a former marine lieutenant sleeps with triple locks on a reinforced door and rope at the ready so he can go out the window.

At the time I wrote the book, nothing could be further from the truth. New York had become a safe place. Given a little time; given a few changes in the law enforcement in the city, and suddenly, and my book becomes something of a prophecy. Although New York still has some to go before it is as the one I wrote of, it is certainly far closer than I expected. It would seem that it is what happens when the city and state adopt the concept of, incarcerate the guns and knives and let the criminals go free.

At any rate, I figured I would give you a chance to read the book. This Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th of May, the book will be available free. To find out how to order it, go to my home page.

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

In one of my books, one of my characters was a detective in the narcotics division. Recalling the days, he said that one of his biggest fears was looking down the barrel of a gun held by a twelve-year-old. I was reminded of the passage by the recent actual police shooting of the thirteen-year-old in Chicago.

The circumstance wasn’t the same but it was pretty close. I wrote the passage close to two decades ago and from time to time I think about it. Surely such things have happened. Since my youth I thought about becoming a policeman. I was a little more serious about it when I left the Marines. Instead I worked on computers.

The truth of the matter, I don’t know what I would do if I were caught in such a situation, as in my book or as in the actual situation in Chicago, that is, if I knew I was shooting at a young man. In the situation in Chicago, the policeman did not know he was firing on a youth.

However, imagine if you would. You are the officer. He is pointing a forty-five at you and you know he is thirteen. Just what would you do. Would you shoot or would you seek shelter and talk the young man into giving up?

Fortunately, most policemen never draw their weapon. Most officers are never fired on. Indeed, it can draw the officer into a false sense of security. However, all policemen can conceivably face such a situation and not one of them knows what he will do until he faces it for real, regardless of his or her training. I mean, when you come right down to it, you can never fake reality.

In Vietnam a kid, about nine walked up to me and asked if I wanted the grenade he had. You don’t think that made the hair stand up on the back of my head. It happened one night when I was on guard duty. He was on the other side of the fence and I simply told him to get away from me. Fortunately, he did. I also backed off some. I will never know if the kid meant harm, very likely not. In fact, he likely had no idea how much fear he put in me. For that matter, he likely had no idea how close he came to getting shot.

I would have hated killing him. It would have been a horrible thing. It likely would have caused a big stink and I’d have likely been grilled for a while, but the kid did have a grenade and he just might have used it. I had no way of knowing.

It is a cold hard fact. Kids do bad things from time to time. Sometimes they put policemen in bad situations. That doesn’t make the cop bad and it never will. However, it does make policing all the more dangerous. This time the cop shot. Maybe, next time, the cop thinking of this situation doesn’t shoot. So the policeman dies instead of the kid, him and maybe another two or three people.

The important thing for a policeman must remember. A gun, even in the hands of a ten-year-old little girl is deadly. That gun has no mind of its own. When the holder pulls the trigger, a bullet is going to come out of it and it can kill, no matter the good intentions of the target.

As with the character in my book; it is a cops worst nightmare. Believe me, there is no one who can guarantee that he or she would do any better regardless of the training; regardless of the desire to do what is right.

The best way to prevent situations as this is to keep the criminals in prison. It teaches those who remain out of prison to be more careful about using guns. It is also a good idea for us to teach our children — be compliant with the police. It is best for everyone. Besides, that policeman represents the law. If you don’t have any respect for him, then you likely have no respect for the law.

For those who like to read, I am offering the book to which I referred to, “Mitch,” free. On Friday, 4/23/2001, click on the following URL. It will take you to my author’s page. Then look for the book, “Mitch.” Then or order the book. Last time I looked, Mitch was on the last line of the second page.

I used to say just look up my name on but that doesn’t work any more. If you should try it, you will not come across any of my books until the second or third page. In fact you won’t see any books written by any Ben Rhodes on the first page. Maybe they don’t like my blogs at Amazon. I have no idea why.

Free Book

November 6 & 7. “2 1/2 weeks.” It’s a fun book but it also might provoke a few thoughts.

Also, there is a full listing of all my books on my home page as well as a short description of each. They are grouped by series and groups.

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If you do like 2 1/2 weeks, you just might like “The Coincidence Theory.” This one will really make you think twice about coincidences. You might like the story too.

As a side note, I looked into having “The Prepper” edited professionally. I submitted the first chapter and looked at their work. It was indeed very professional, but they did a poor job of reading my book. In more than one instance, they changed the meaning. In one case, they completely reversed the meaning.

Does anyone know a good reasonably priced editor?

Free Kindle Book

Don’t know why, but Amazon is listing one of my books for $30, one that I am selling for for less than seven dollars.  Well I can’t do much about the paperback version that someone else is selling, but I can give away copies of the Kindle version.

Half of the reason that I am doing this is to make sure that people can order my copies.  For some reason, if you go to my author’s page, the $30 version is listed first…hiding my less expensive versions.

I would like to know if any of my readers are having difficulty ordering the less expensive books.

As a side note, apparently, someone thinks the paperback is worth $30 dollars.  Maybe I should raise my price.  At any rate it would seem to make this even better for you, a thirty dollar book for free.  (actually, this is the Kindle version that I am normally selling for $1.98)

The book is about a former L. A. detective, Mitch, who lost his wife in a car accident.  Because the driver of the other car jumped bail, he acquires most of the other man’s fortune.  So, though rich, he goes through times of mental and emotional trauma.

As the story opens, he is a private investigator meeting one of his few clients.  Being a wealthy P. I., he is vary selective of his clients.

You will find the book on my author’s page:

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The fee Kindle book will be available May 23&24, 2020.  Tell your friends, your relatives, business acquaintances and all.  It is even all right with me if you tell your enemies.  I won’t mind.  I promise not to complain.


I can’t get this quote exact, but I think Giuliani expressed his and my thoughts about using hydorcloroquine in fighting the caronavirus.  Sorry;  my steno skills are very poor and I just heard it once.  He said something to the effect that it is better to provide the experimental drug instead of letting the people just die.  As I have said before, that should be casual to the most obvious observer.

By the way, you might have noticed that the news is about nothing but the virus in one way or the other.  I am a real news junky, but I am not in favor of following the one thing and ignore all else.

For those tired of listening to the news and watching all the TV movies over and over, I am allowing readers to order free Kindle copies of “A Shoulder to Cry on,” “Big City Detective,” and “Perfekt, Almost.”  (By the way, I did use the “k” in perfect intentionally.  It is supposed to be an eye catcher and it does give something of a hint as to what is between the covers.

To order the books, go to my Author’s Page by entering,

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There is a synopsis with each book, but for the sake of those who want a quick rundown, they are below.

“A Shoulder to Cry On”

This is the first of a two book set.

A woman just finishes college and she has a good job.  She thinks she has it made, but then her whole world starts falling down around her.  She would really like to have a shoulder to cry on, but the only one that seems to be available, belongs to a man who she feels untrustworthy.

“Big City Detective”

This is the second of the set.

In the first book, we are introduced to a New York City detective.  In this book, the big city detective is going to a small town to take over as police chief.  The problem is, before he can get there, there has been a murder, the first ever since the town was formed.  …and no one seems to know what to do.

“Perfekt, Almost”

This is not part of a set or series, but if you enjoy the previous two books, you will likely like this one.

In this book a new deputy marshal arrives for his first assignment, which is in San Diego.  The weather is beautiful.  The city has no lack of things to do.  To the east he can go up into the mountains.  Of course, San Diego does have some of the nicest beaches anywhere.  For those who like a visit to the desert, one is just a short trip away.  It’s a perfect assignment, almost.

The books will be available on Friday, the 10th.  Hope you enjoy them.  If you do, tell others.  Like them or not, please let me know.  Send me a brief note to  I don’t mind stiff complaints, I even appreciate them, but please keep the language G rated.


Another Free Series

March 7, 2020, you will be able to order free the 3 books from Amazon that make up the Mitch Series.  To order them, simply go to my author’s page at :

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The first of the series, “Mitch” is about a private detective who has gone through a traumatic experience and, from time to time has difficulty coping with his past.  The story opens when he is about to violate his third rule, which he made in this effort to cope.

In the second of the series, a friend convinces Mitch to re-enter the world of law enforcement to head up a special task force.  In his efforts, he discovers a particularly sinister plot.  He made the discovery literally based on a thread.

The third one… well, let’s let you find out about that one on your own.  After the finish the first two books, you will certainly want to read the third.  It will likely surprise you.  Maybe not.  You just might figure it out on your own.  Then again, a few readers never figured it out.  For those who don’t figure it out, I enclosed a small explanation at the end of the book.

One more note:  I discovered that some browsers do not work with the above URL.  There are two that I have tried that failed.  I have no idea why.  If it doesn’t work for you, simply log onto and do a author search on Ben Rhodes.  I have done this a number of times and found it effective.  Also you can search on the titles, “Mitch”, “Frequent Flyers” and “Emergency Husband.”  These searches work, but you will likely find more clutter.  Also, if you perform the author search, you will be more likely to find another story or two of mine that will interest you.

Remember, if you are using a Kindle, you can sample all books before ordering them.  Also, you can order a sample of most books free.  In addition, for those that like to listen to books, all my books have text-to-audio enabled.  You might find this nice should you have a long commute to work.  Before I retired, I had an hour commute to work and the drive was made a little more pleasant by listening while I drove.  In a few cases, I sat in my car a few minutes after my arrival, just to keep from interrupting a certain passage.

For those interested, none of my books contain profanity or adult situations.  These books should be fine for anyone in 9th grade or above.  Though there is some violence spoken of, most is indirect and far less than most kids see on TV these days.  I would suspect most 7th or even 6th graders see far more violence on TV regularly.


Free Kindle Books

The three volumes of the Kip Series will be free Friday, Jan 24.  The second in the series did get a recent rating of four stars so you might like to read all three of them.  Each volume is rather short so it won’t take long to read all three.

To order, you can log onto Amazon and search for the books Kip – The Optimist, Kip -The Realist or Kip – The Pessimist.  It might be easier to search for “Ben Rhodes”, though you just might find a bunch of books by other authors in which you’d have no interest.  Finally, you can just enter this in the search box:

It will take you right to my Author’s page.  The advantage of this method is that you just might find another book or two that you might like to read.

In the series Kip is a detective working for San Diego.  Because of what all he has seen he has a difficult time believing in God.  His disbelief is somewhat increased as the result of some of the events in volume one.  It turns him from an optimist to a realist.  Then, of course, things really get bad in the second volume.  He has decided that if there is a God, that he hates Him for permitting such things.  In the third volume… well I’ll let you find out on your own.

If you enjoy the books, be sure and tell your friends and neighbors.  If not, never mind.  Either way, please tell me at  Please keep your comments brief and reasonable.  If you spot any glaring errors, please let me know.

Thank you for reading the books and thank you for your comments.