Free Book

November 6 & 7. “2 1/2 weeks.” It’s a fun book but it also might provoke a few thoughts.

Also, there is a full listing of all my books on my home page as well as a short description of each. They are grouped by series and groups.

To order any of my books you can just go to and search on the title or my name. In addition you can go to my Author’s page by entering:

in the URL box. There is a complete listing there too but they are not grouped there, which might make it more difficult when dealing with books in series.

If you do like 2 1/2 weeks, you just might like “The Coincidence Theory.” This one will really make you think twice about coincidences. You might like the story too.

As a side note, I looked into having “The Prepper” edited professionally. I submitted the first chapter and looked at their work. It was indeed very professional, but they did a poor job of reading my book. In more than one instance, they changed the meaning. In one case, they completely reversed the meaning.

Does anyone know a good reasonably priced editor?

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