Free Kindle Book

Don’t know why, but Amazon is listing one of my books for $30, one that I am selling for for less than seven dollars.  Well I can’t do much about the paperback version that someone else is selling, but I can give away copies of the Kindle version.

Half of the reason that I am doing this is to make sure that people can order my copies.  For some reason, if you go to my author’s page, the $30 version is listed first…hiding my less expensive versions.

I would like to know if any of my readers are having difficulty ordering the less expensive books.

As a side note, apparently, someone thinks the paperback is worth $30 dollars.  Maybe I should raise my price.  At any rate it would seem to make this even better for you, a thirty dollar book for free.  (actually, this is the Kindle version that I am normally selling for $1.98)

The book is about a former L. A. detective, Mitch, who lost his wife in a car accident.  Because the driver of the other car jumped bail, he acquires most of the other man’s fortune.  So, though rich, he goes through times of mental and emotional trauma.

As the story opens, he is a private investigator meeting one of his few clients.  Being a wealthy P. I., he is vary selective of his clients.

You will find the book on my author’s page:

Please note the underscore between the y and the t.  Unfortunately, entering the URL does not always work.  It is supposed to take you to anther one that is a about half a mile long.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen.  I know this because it has happened to me a time or two.  If it does happen to you, please just go to the website and do a search for me, Ben Rhodes.  I have found that it works better than a search on the book title.

Also, if you have a problem, with either method, please drop me a short note at  Some folks don’t like writing reviews.  I understand that.  Because I do treasure honest feedback on my work, you can use the same email address for your remarks, especially if they are critical.  All I ask is that you keep keep them short and free of profanity.

The fee Kindle book will be available May 23&24, 2020.  Tell your friends, your relatives, business acquaintances and all.  It is even all right with me if you tell your enemies.  I won’t mind.  I promise not to complain.

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