Revisiting Old Posts

I made two posts ages ago; don’t know exactly when.  I do believe I should revisit them, considering recent events.

In one of the posts, I suggested that we maintain a steel and aluminum industry within our country for security.  The last thing we need in a war wherein we must, beg or steal our steel and aluminum from the enemy.  I made the suggestion before President Trump required it and now it appears I was far more correct than I thought.

In light of recent events, I might suggest that the thought be broadened.  With the recent virus outbreak, we almost had to beg supplies from China.  That would not be a good thing.

Maybe what we ought to form a committee and establish a list of things that we must maintain for security purposes.  Also, maybe we should reestablish our space program so that we no longer need to hitch rides with Russia.  If they say HET (Russian word for no, pronounced nyet) we would have a new meaning for the expression “up the creek without a paddle.”

In another post, I suggested that our senators and representatives remain in their own state or district and perform their business through tel-conferencing.  I gave a long list of reasons why this would be a good idea, not the least of which was that it would make it more difficult for the lobbyists to bribe our congressmen.

Again, it would appear that I was more right than I thought.  If they had taken my advice then the virus would have not hindered their business.

On the other hand, there are some who would say that slowing their efforts just might be a good thing.

Either way, I can’t imagine what might have happened if we had an epidemic break out on the floor of either the House or Senate.  If several were to become badly sick, or even die, it might have caused real problems, maybe panic.  It is no wonder that they have all decided to hide out in their own homes.

Well, that may not have been the real reason at all.  Maybe it was a decision made of cowardice.

Regardless, the switch to computerized meetings would be simple to implement and security would be easy to manage.  Just make sure all their computers ran off ROM.


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