How Many Libs to Screw in a Light Bulb?

One cannot claim I don’t believe in recycling. This is one of the most recycled jokes ever and a bad one at that. The answer is casual to the most obvious observer. Actually, that’s kind-of an old twist of words too, but I kinda like it. On the other hand, my wife is more than tired of it and reminds frequently.

At any rate, the obvious answer is zero. No self repecting lib would replace a light bulb. They love stumbling around in the dark. Those few who do like light, prefer paying someone else. It is below their dignity.

Speaking of light, the vast majority of libs deny the greatest Light of all. In John 8:12 Jesus proclaims to all, “I am the light of the world.” Instead of accepting the Light, they defiantly prefer stumbling around in the darkness.

Worse, they pretend to be of great vision and every chance they get, lead us into destruction.

Did Someone Say Something About Home made Guns?

Actually, I did, years ago.

Now, I’m hearing reports that the former premier of Japan was killed by one. I hate that. Mostly, as a pro-life person, I always hate such horrble things. In this case, it is especially horrid. I would not have been so upset if it had happened to the likes of Putin or that no-account who treats all those in China so badly. Then again, if either of them were to begin experiencing the after life, he most certainly would be replaced with someone worse.

Regardless, that aside, the man proved my point. In a country where gun control is the norm, the culprit either made his weapon or he bought it from someone who knows his gunsmithing. I neither wanted nor welcome the proof, but all must accept it when it becomes obvious.

Now that we are in a society that wants to take guns from lawful citizenry, we must face the fact that the criminals will be carrying homemade guns, perhaps fully automatic. This is especially noteworthy considering that the next mistake the FOCs will make is to remove the guns from the police.

By the way, when no one but criminals have guns, every gun becomes an effective assault weapon. It’s precisely what the libs want: a nation ruled by criminals. It is a world they can fix into a nation like China.

The Inevitable Result of the Pipeline

It is one of those old laws so to speak of the pipeline. If what you put in is bad, most likely what you get out the other end will be bad. So let’s take a quick look at the pipeline and what we are putting in and just what is coming out.

We put in children from broken Godless homes. We send them through schools where no one can say anyting about God, or even speak the truth about good and evil without someone losing his job. We teach that mankind has no greater importance than a whale, porpoise or ape, and the kids come out believing all things they are taught.

If a person is no more than an animal, but more intelligent and with apposing thumbs: if all man is doing is destroying plants, animals and the climate, then why not believe he has improved the world by destroying some of the horrible human inhabitants?

Don’t all animals go around killing others, even of their own type? Why shouldn’t men kill other men? We are only soulless animals as all the others.

Indeed, as a society, we kill even the youngest and most innocent. Joe speaks as if it is our duty kill babies before they have a chance to breathe the air we breath, to be sure, before they are protected by law.

If there are any statistics, I suspect they would prove at least 8 out of 10 killers come from broken homes where the Bible was never read.

And so it would seem that I’m blaming broken homes for all the shootings. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God tells us we each are responsible for our own actions.

After all, Eve blamed the snake. Adam blamed Eve and even implied God was guilty because He made Eve for him.

Mankind always looks for excuses, a way out. Yet, when we do we always make things worse. So, Joe tries to blame the weapon instead of the shooter. That makes about as much sense as Cain blaming the rock for his killing Able. You notice even Cain was not that dumb.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it till the day I die. The time to pray is before the disasters. Afterwards is too late. But then, the government won’t let us pray beforehand, only after.

So, the pipeline made up of broken homes and atheist schools keeps turning out kids who know not the difference between good and evil. To that degree, society is guilty. How can they know right from wrong when no one is permitted to teach them.

Weapon of Choice

It is a strange world we live in when an AR15 is called an assault weapon and idiots choose them for mass shootings. I hate to disillusion everyone, but a man in a prison machine shop made a far more dangerous weapon, and it was actually used in assaults, many of them very effectively.

While guns that effective can be built in basements, you will never take guns from bad people, only the good people. This will give the bad people more power and the idea of power.

I would like very much explaining all this in more detail but I am afraid the bad guys will figure it out before Joe and his crowd. After all, most of the criminals are smarter than ol Joe.

I will say this much, when I was in the Marines, I liked the M 16. It was lighter, easier to shot and far easier to clean than the weapon I first shot. But if I went into war today, my weapon of choice would be the one I first qualified with. And I am not the only marine who’ll tell you that, without hesitation.

At any rate, if you are going allow or disallow AR 15s, please, stop calling it an assault weapon. It might look like one but it’s not. Neither will it ever be.

Before Joe opens his mouth and proves himself a fool, just maybe he should spend an hour or two learning about them. It wouldn’t hurt for a few congressmen to do the same.

Cats Never Frown

A few months ago we took a stray cat in. Now we have six. Strange how that works. That simply was not part of the deal. Now, we must take all six to the vet and make sure we have no more.

The mother is a very pettish calico who thinks whenever I leave my chair, she should lie in it. One of the kittens has gold and white paches. She thinks she should sleep under my chin whenever I’m in my chair. The rest at various times sleep just wherever they have a notion from chest to lap and even my legs.

This is all very nice most of the time but occasionally I like to work with my laptop on my lap. Also, occasionally, people come to the door trying to sell things I don’t want or or need.

I have tried to explain this to the kittens but they ignore me, all the time smiling as if they know not what I am talking about. Then i hurriedly remove the kittens as they determinedly jump back on me. All the time, I yell at the door just a moment, knowing that whoever’s there is wanting to give me that million dollar check I’ve been expecting.

It seems to be the nature of kats, especially kittens to smile at all times, especially when they are about to be fed. Then too, when i rattle their box of treats, they have big smiles as they know it is treat time. The time they smile most is just before they are going to do something they know they shouldn’t.

Generally, they will glance over at me, smiling at me knowing I won’t won’t swat them because they are just too cute and loveable.

They are wrong, though. Then they act so hurt, so confused that I should defend my chair from their claws. Yet, even in their surprise and anger, they keep smiling. It is, sort-of what they do.

Pulling the Plug on U-Verse


Biggest, cost. I was paying 150 for TV and internet. I am living totally on Social Security and that is a big bite of my income. With inflation, I simply need to make cuts somewhere.

Frustrating: The signal becoming less reliable. In addition, I have to restart what they call a receiver just about daily.

Final straw: They refused to look at my line when it went down Friday and I didn’t know my 4 digit number. They said it was for my security as if I’m going to tell U-Verse when a neighbor`s service. (How wound I know? )

So tomorrow I take it all down, get antenna and go to McDonald’s when i want to get on line. And, oh yes, save a bunch of money. I would say 150 but I hear inflation has hit them too. Rumor is they are raising their rates.

Perhaps it is all for the good, anyway. I suspect they are wanting to shut the service down in favor of using satellite.

Too bad. For quite a while, they were the best in cable.

For Those Interested

About 5 or 6 months ago, I bought an Epson ET 2750 (I believe they call them Ecco Tech). It printed very nice. Then, about a week later, I tried to print something with it and I first had to clean the jets.

After a while, realized it was going to be a common problem. I realized, if I didn’t print daily, it was going to need cleaning before using it.

Frequently, it discouraged my using it because I knew I would first need to to wait for it to finish cleaning itself. This was made all the more frustrating as sometimes it needed 2 or even 3 cleanings.

At any rate, I made the switch back to laser. It’s more expensive and they use more power, but they work, even when there are a few weeks between uses.

Then too, the Epson always concerned me. Would the cleaning continue to work or would I have to get another printer anyway?

I guess that will teach me to believe TV ads, even the ones with famous basketball players.

As an aside, maybe Epson should have the things clean themselves every 12 hours, whether it’s used or not. Just a thought.