Use Steel

I keep hearing that the price of wood keeps going up. The solution: use steel, or maybe aluminum.

Wood cannot be totally replaced, but using steel studs in the walls have a number of advantages. I don’t guess they are any cheaper, but they save more than enough time to make up the difference.

Moreover, they are not susceptible to termites or any other insects. If they get wet, it causes them no harm. The really neat part is that they are straight, which means you can make the corners of rooms truly square. That means, when you put that table in a corner, it will go up to the both sides of the corner completely.

Steel does have one more advantage, though you will likely not see it in the lifetime of a home. It is completely recyclable. Unlike wood, no matter how long that steel stud is in that wall, it can be melted down and tossed into a furnace and reused. The ought to really make the tree hugers happy. Less trees in the building; less waste later, during demolition.

Oh. And by the way, did I mention, in general steel does not burn, though it does melt.

The wood industry would not like it though. They are likely thrilled with the price of wood going up.


At or about 1964 a song was written for the musical “Fanny,” and Barbara Streisand recorded it. It was, maybe, her most successful recording. I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

I remember hearing the song, over and over. It seems that every time I got in my car to go anywhere, it was on my radio sometime during my trip. I must admit, I still like the song, especially Streisand’s recording, though I can’t say much for her politics.

Maybe the most memorable lyrics are “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Recently, the song was brought to mind, though, in a negative context. Nowadays it seems the FOCs (Dems) seem to have a little different attitude that could be expressed by a rewording of those famous words. It seems that their attitude is to teach People to hate People for the color of their skin. They have been doing it in our colleges and in our businesses. Now they have allowed the concept to invade our grade schools, even down to kindergarten.

They are taught that black people are the unluckiest people in the world and white people are the luckiest. One Friend of Criminals (FOC) even said that racism is the worst that it has ever been in this country. (Maybe he has forgotten the days of slavery.) Some folks just open their mouths and lies come pouring out. They can’t help it. It is in their nature.

The fact is that they want to sew discord and hate. They want People to hate People. They want to cause chaos so that they can promise their grand solution, communism.

For those that are not already aware, communism is never a solution. If you have any doubts, just look at those countries where communist rule. No one is fighting to get in those countries. Most are trying to leave.

On the other hand, the country founded on capitalism, everyone is trying to get in. It really should a giant hint for the wise.

Think about it. In China, you only have what they allow you to have. In the US, you have, mostly, what you have earned. To be sure, the socialist have already infiltrated. They do take part of your earnings and give it to those who will not work. They allow rioters to go through businesses and take what they want, burning the rest.

And, by the way, the FOCs refuse to fire Fauci, the one who financed the lab that made the virus that killed over three million… “People.” Why isn’t he in an orange jumpsuit?

Friends of Criminals

I have a new term for the dems. I used to use dummycrat and the name does fit. However, those that own this website don’t seem to like it. Every time I try to use the tag, they stop the post. So, I’ve decided to use Friends of Criminals henceforth, FOC for short. My wife suggested FOE, which also fits somewhat, but I would guess FOC is better. The neat thing is, at least for the meantime, no one will keep me from using the FOC tag or category.

At any rate, the tag is more appropriate. Who else provided the criminals with such things as: no bond, no charges for setting cities afire and stealing things right in the open, unlawful voting, unlawful border crossing and last but not least, smuggling of deadly drugs such as fentanyl. In essence, they have been aiding and abetting the the cartels from before Biden moved into The White House.

People are dying and neither Biden nor his vice-president cohort cares. It is all about power. Then too, Fauci is guilty of death of millions and Biden has not so much as suggested firing him, let alone locking him up. Fauci is very lucky to have FOCs, but that luck will not last forever. Then he will have the anger of, not just the US, but the entire world down on him. He will not be able to find a friend or a place to hide. Maybe he should take the hint from the doomsday preppers and find himself a very deep hole where he can hide.

On a little different subject, those FOCs really ought to understand one of the most effective assault weapons, the hand. It would seem it is used far more often then any gun here lately. Some have been been using their fists to attack at will anyone they decide to and no one seems to care, beyond those injured, their relatives, the police and most republicans. To be sure, the dems are the Friends of Criminals.

We Need a Pipeline

We need a pipeline, one that goes from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River. Any time the water level is too high on the Mississippi, we could pump a bunch of water to the Colorado. They almost always need it.

Perhaps we could compromise. The Missouri river much closer, so the pipeline could be shorter.

To be sure, we would need some big pumps and some good filtering. We would not want to introduce animals to the Colorado that would mess up the ecosystem. However, it would be possible. Moreover, the environmentalist would not be able to fuss about it. Water is not a pollutant and it just might save the Colorado ecosystem and maybe a few farmers. Actually, it might even help us at the supermarket too.

Oh. And by the way, it just might put some of those people back to work… you know, the ones Biden put out of work the first day he took office.

Once again, the questions of the day: Why isn’t Fauci fired? Why isn’t he in an orange jump suit. I hope someone thought to make sure he surrendered his passport. We don’t need him going anywhere right now.

Correction on that. If he wants to go to China or Russia, we need to get him a one way ticket and make sure he gets on the plane. He would feel right at home in China as he has many friends there.

Birthing Person, REALLY!?

THE POLITICALLY CORRECT HAVE GONE TOO FAR. Their term surely underrates the people we call mothers. To imply that all they do is to provide birth for child only proves their stupidity, Moreover, it is a gross lack of respect.

Mothers only start being mothers at the birth of a child but it is a life long task, one that most mothers look forward to… even to the point of being grandmothers.

  1. They are teachers
  2. They provide food.
  3. They change diapers.
  4. They are nurses.
  5. They provide reassurance.
  6. The slap the hand that gets in the cookie jar and they make the birthday cakes.

Actually, I think I would never be able to make a list that would include it all. If a birthing person is all the the political correct think of their mothers, I pity them. They missed an important part of life.

A Few Observations About China

Over the years, there were some things I have observed about china. Though I would be hard pressed to prove them, I consider them obvious facts, or as I like to say, “They are casual to the most obvious observer.”

  1. China rarely has an original idea. On the other hand, they do copy the ideas of others well. Note that most of their supersonic fighter aircraft bear a strange resemblance to the American’s. Do you really want to mark that up to coincidence? Moreover, you notice that they always require businesses doing business inside their borders to relinquish their plans and designs. Do you think that is by accident?
  2. Most folks say their government is communist. It is not communist nor has it ever been communist. In communism all share resources equally. I assure you, the president of China and his cohorts live much better than the rest. It far more closely resembles the surf system of dark to middle age Europe. In this system, the vast majority worked their fingers to the bones to while the royalty did little or nothing. Of course, China does not have any official royalty. Then again, the surfs of Europe lived better than the surfs of China. More important, they had more privacy and the royalty of Europe were not such tyrants.
  3. I just looked up the population in China. By now it is likely 1.5 billion, plus or minus. That would mean there are likely about 1.4 million that would give their eye teeth to leave that horrid country, given the chance. I might be off a little, but I think you get the point. It does make me wonder. What would the leaders in China do if they found themselves the only ones left… without surfs to do the work. Then again, maybe the same question might be posed to many other nations including the US. Just what would the dems do if they had no one to tax, no one to do all the work, no one to defend the borders. That sounds like a real nightmare for the bunch of them, but especially the Chinese hierarchy. With no surfs to terrorize, I suppose they would just turn on each other. My guess is they would die of starvation before they could figure out how put food on their tables, that is, if they didn’t kill each other first.

…And this is what the dummycrats are wishing for our nation. It is…why I call them dummycrats.

Why isn’t Fauci fired. Why is he not in his orange jump suit.

As a side note, if you go to my home page, you will find a list of my books, some of them pretty thought provoking. You will also find instructions on how to order them. For those who like to look before jumping, Amazon will let you read some of the book before you order it.

Election Audits, What Ifs

If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “No evidence of fraud.” To which I respond, “If you never look for fraud you will likely never find it, especially if you intentionally turn your head at the hint of it.”

At any rate, in Arizona, they have been doing a very serious audit. To the best of my knowledge, the dems, especially those in charge of the election are doing all they can to avoid the audit. I don’t know about others, but to me that smells. It smells like something rotten.

Moreover, it would seem even before they got a good start, they have found evidence of tampering, such as missing ballots by the thousands. Moreover, after taking a better look at the Georgia election, the Georgia Sec. of State has some explaining to do…like what happened to all those chain of evidence documents.

Okay. Maybe there is not yet any evidence of fraud. However, there is already plenty of evidence of improper election procedures in at at least five states, which would be more than enough to overturn the election. Oh. And by the way, they just might find some of that evidence that one and all keep saying doesn’t exist.

That provokes the question, “What if?”

To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the constitution or in the statutes that would cause Biden to vacate The White House. Indeed, even if they prove he was behind it, it would take an impeachment to have him removed. Moreover, given those that might succeed him, I’m not sure anyone would want that to happen, at least not until there is a republican Speaker of the House.

As near as I can tell, there is simply no way that the election could be reversed this late in the game. If such a thing did happen, I’m not sure what the results might be. I mean, the dems are prone to suggest riots in the streets and if they had such a reversal, the threat just just might come to pass. I simply do not know if our nation could stand such a upheaval.

However, if the proof were uncovered, it would accomplish at least four things.

  1. Some of the guilty just might find themselves in orange jumpsuits. This in itself might discourage future hanky-panky.
  2. It would shut the mouths of those claiming no fraud here. It should embarrass them, but it won’t. Nothing will. However, they never will have an ounce of credibility again. Their words will forever contain the ring of being being counterfeit.
  3. Most important, there would be justification for positive changes in voting laws. When it is suggested that picture IDs should be required, they will not be able say there is no fraud. (I refer to bullet point 2)
  4. The dems will have egg all over their faces. There is no way that such fraud could have been made on the voters of the nation unless they were fully behind it. It just might result in a change in the voter registration. On the other hand, that just might be wishful thinking. When people have a D after their name, they can get away with most anything.

By the way, where is that written apologize from the media and social media media for putting their filters on the China virus? I have not yet heard one, though they have a tendency to required them from us.

By the way, why is Fauci not yet fired. Why is he not net in an orange jump suit. He played a big part in the loss of millions of lives and I have not yet heard an apology from him either. When you come right down to it, I don’t think he feels an ounce of remorse. Many have shed tears of grief because of what he did. From him, not so much as a hint of a tear. He has walked away from his crime and likely will not pay a dime for it.

Selection Criteria

I was watching “The Five” on FOX earlier tonight and I heard a quotable quote by (I think) Katie Pavlich. If I am wrong please forgive me. The quote might not be exact so I won’t use quotation marks.

Speaking of Kamala Harris, she said that this is what you get when you select a running mate by gender and skin color.

I believe that the plan was for Harris to take over when Biden is forced to step aside. Now, I suspect that is no longer true. We now know why Kamala had to bow out of the presidential race in December, I think before the first primaries. Now, apparently they see that that plan won’t work. The American citizens likely think less of her than Biden. Now what do they do when their best hope has a problem giggling every time she gets nervous?

Nonetheless, let’s go back to Katie Pavlich’s insightful remark, which incites us to think a little beyond the remark. Now, let’s see. Do I want to select a surgeon because he is black. Do I want to select a lawyer based on gender. Oddly, there is some logic here. In some cases, a female lawyer just might give me a head-start before the jurors. Even so, I still think I would prefer the more capable lawyer, regardless of gender.

Then, of course, there are those selected indirectly. Would we feel safer in a plane if we knew an African-American was at the controls. On the other hand, we might prefer a woman to be at command of that 6 thousand mile flight. I don’t get to make that decision. It is made by the airline. Hopefully, when they did they chose the better pilots and not based on color or gender.

It is perhaps, one of the worst side effects of forced integration. Forcing a company to hire a black woman to work in a restaurant might not have horrible results, but it can be devastating if a black woman is not qualified to fly that 757 aircraft. To be sure, she might be able to handle the day-to-day flights, but what happens in an emergency. In such situations you want the best person at the controls, not someone who was selected because of color or gender.

Now, the big question. Do we really want Kamala at the controls of this country, knowing that she was selected because she is a half-black woman? Let’s face it, when Biden searched for a running mate, he made it clear that those were the only two requirements.

I have no problems with a black woman serving as vice-president or even president. Let’s just make sure she can answer a serious question or two without giggling like a school girl.

As a side note, I have had a number doctors who were women and a couple who were black. They all seemed well qualified and I would not have hesitated to recommend them. On the other hand, there were a few white doctors that I will never see again. I have never, to my knowledge had a black pilot. Then again, as I said, that was not my choice. Also, I have not done much flying.

Let’s Really Upset China

Seems every time someone accidentally says something that implies that Taiwan is an independent nation, China gets upset. Maybe after what they did with that virus, we ought to formally recognize Taiwan as a nation, put an embassy and everything in there. They might get upset over it but it would be the last time they would get upset about it.

Besides, it would serve them right for releasing that virus on us. They might have released it by accident, but they definitely spread worldwide intentionally, resulting in the deaths of millions.

No need to worry about this one, China. Joe would never do something like that to his buddies. On the other hand, if former President Trump got back in The White House….