Birthing Person, REALLY!?

THE POLITICALLY CORRECT HAVE GONE TOO FAR. Their term surely underrates the people we call mothers. To imply that all they do is to provide birth for child only proves their stupidity, Moreover, it is a gross lack of respect.

Mothers only start being mothers at the birth of a child but it is a life long task, one that most mothers look forward to… even to the point of being grandmothers.

  1. They are teachers
  2. They provide food.
  3. They change diapers.
  4. They are nurses.
  5. They provide reassurance.
  6. The slap the hand that gets in the cookie jar and they make the birthday cakes.

Actually, I think I would never be able to make a list that would include it all. If a birthing person is all the the political correct think of their mothers, I pity them. They missed an important part of life.

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