A Few Observations About China

Over the years, there were some things I have observed about china. Though I would be hard pressed to prove them, I consider them obvious facts, or as I like to say, “They are casual to the most obvious observer.”

  1. China rarely has an original idea. On the other hand, they do copy the ideas of others well. Note that most of their supersonic fighter aircraft bear a strange resemblance to the American’s. Do you really want to mark that up to coincidence? Moreover, you notice that they always require businesses doing business inside their borders to relinquish their plans and designs. Do you think that is by accident?
  2. Most folks say their government is communist. It is not communist nor has it ever been communist. In communism all share resources equally. I assure you, the president of China and his cohorts live much better than the rest. It far more closely resembles the surf system of dark to middle age Europe. In this system, the vast majority worked their fingers to the bones to while the royalty did little or nothing. Of course, China does not have any official royalty. Then again, the surfs of Europe lived better than the surfs of China. More important, they had more privacy and the royalty of Europe were not such tyrants.
  3. I just looked up the population in China. By now it is likely 1.5 billion, plus or minus. That would mean there are likely about 1.4 million that would give their eye teeth to leave that horrid country, given the chance. I might be off a little, but I think you get the point. It does make me wonder. What would the leaders in China do if they found themselves the only ones left… without surfs to do the work. Then again, maybe the same question might be posed to many other nations including the US. Just what would the dems do if they had no one to tax, no one to do all the work, no one to defend the borders. That sounds like a real nightmare for the bunch of them, but especially the Chinese hierarchy. With no surfs to terrorize, I suppose they would just turn on each other. My guess is they would die of starvation before they could figure out how put food on their tables, that is, if they didn’t kill each other first.

…And this is what the dummycrats are wishing for our nation. It is…why I call them dummycrats.

Why isn’t Fauci fired. Why is he not in his orange jump suit.

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