Use Steel

I keep hearing that the price of wood keeps going up. The solution: use steel, or maybe aluminum.

Wood cannot be totally replaced, but using steel studs in the walls have a number of advantages. I don’t guess they are any cheaper, but they save more than enough time to make up the difference.

Moreover, they are not susceptible to termites or any other insects. If they get wet, it causes them no harm. The really neat part is that they are straight, which means you can make the corners of rooms truly square. That means, when you put that table in a corner, it will go up to the both sides of the corner completely.

Steel does have one more advantage, though you will likely not see it in the lifetime of a home. It is completely recyclable. Unlike wood, no matter how long that steel stud is in that wall, it can be melted down and tossed into a furnace and reused. The ought to really make the tree hugers happy. Less trees in the building; less waste later, during demolition.

Oh. And by the way, did I mention, in general steel does not burn, though it does melt.

The wood industry would not like it though. They are likely thrilled with the price of wood going up.

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