Selection Criteria

I was watching “The Five” on FOX earlier tonight and I heard a quotable quote by (I think) Katie Pavlich. If I am wrong please forgive me. The quote might not be exact so I won’t use quotation marks.

Speaking of Kamala Harris, she said that this is what you get when you select a running mate by gender and skin color.

I believe that the plan was for Harris to take over when Biden is forced to step aside. Now, I suspect that is no longer true. We now know why Kamala had to bow out of the presidential race in December, I think before the first primaries. Now, apparently they see that that plan won’t work. The American citizens likely think less of her than Biden. Now what do they do when their best hope has a problem giggling every time she gets nervous?

Nonetheless, let’s go back to Katie Pavlich’s insightful remark, which incites us to think a little beyond the remark. Now, let’s see. Do I want to select a surgeon because he is black. Do I want to select a lawyer based on gender. Oddly, there is some logic here. In some cases, a female lawyer just might give me a head-start before the jurors. Even so, I still think I would prefer the more capable lawyer, regardless of gender.

Then, of course, there are those selected indirectly. Would we feel safer in a plane if we knew an African-American was at the controls. On the other hand, we might prefer a woman to be at command of that 6 thousand mile flight. I don’t get to make that decision. It is made by the airline. Hopefully, when they did they chose the better pilots and not based on color or gender.

It is perhaps, one of the worst side effects of forced integration. Forcing a company to hire a black woman to work in a restaurant might not have horrible results, but it can be devastating if a black woman is not qualified to fly that 757 aircraft. To be sure, she might be able to handle the day-to-day flights, but what happens in an emergency. In such situations you want the best person at the controls, not someone who was selected because of color or gender.

Now, the big question. Do we really want Kamala at the controls of this country, knowing that she was selected because she is a half-black woman? Let’s face it, when Biden searched for a running mate, he made it clear that those were the only two requirements.

I have no problems with a black woman serving as vice-president or even president. Let’s just make sure she can answer a serious question or two without giggling like a school girl.

As a side note, I have had a number doctors who were women and a couple who were black. They all seemed well qualified and I would not have hesitated to recommend them. On the other hand, there were a few white doctors that I will never see again. I have never, to my knowledge had a black pilot. Then again, as I said, that was not my choice. Also, I have not done much flying.

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