Friends of Criminals

I have a new term for the dems. I used to use dummycrat and the name does fit. However, those that own this website don’t seem to like it. Every time I try to use the tag, they stop the post. So, I’ve decided to use Friends of Criminals henceforth, FOC for short. My wife suggested FOE, which also fits somewhat, but I would guess FOC is better. The neat thing is, at least for the meantime, no one will keep me from using the FOC tag or category.

At any rate, the tag is more appropriate. Who else provided the criminals with such things as: no bond, no charges for setting cities afire and stealing things right in the open, unlawful voting, unlawful border crossing and last but not least, smuggling of deadly drugs such as fentanyl. In essence, they have been aiding and abetting the the cartels from before Biden moved into The White House.

People are dying and neither Biden nor his vice-president cohort cares. It is all about power. Then too, Fauci is guilty of death of millions and Biden has not so much as suggested firing him, let alone locking him up. Fauci is very lucky to have FOCs, but that luck will not last forever. Then he will have the anger of, not just the US, but the entire world down on him. He will not be able to find a friend or a place to hide. Maybe he should take the hint from the doomsday preppers and find himself a very deep hole where he can hide.

On a little different subject, those FOCs really ought to understand one of the most effective assault weapons, the hand. It would seem it is used far more often then any gun here lately. Some have been been using their fists to attack at will anyone they decide to and no one seems to care, beyond those injured, their relatives, the police and most republicans. To be sure, the dems are the Friends of Criminals.

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