Remember the Three Monkeys?

I hadn’t heard about them lately, but when I was younger, they were a common subject. One monkey covered its eyes and the caption under it was, “See no evil.” The second one covered its ears and the captions was, “Hear no evil.” The third one had its hands over its mouth with a caption of, “Speak no evil.”

The original concept has little to do with what I have to say today. Yet, it still applies. Obviously, if you have your eyes covered, you will see no evil. If you have your ears covered, in theory, you will hear no evil. Finally, if you keep your mouth covered, you will speak no evil.

The above is true whether or not it is good. For instance, the witness who covers his eyes cannot see the robbery, and hence he is no help to the police in finding the thief. Strangely, many witness act as the monkey with his eyes covered. When the policeman asks if he saw or heard anything, he assumes the position of the third monkey and clams up.

On the other hand, there are those who are intentionally blind. They close their eyes and ears to the crime that occurs right in front of them because they benefit, or they believe they will benefit from the crime.

Four F.I.S.A. false applications were submitted to the court and no one, but no one seems to know how it happened. It is sort of an extension of the three monkeys, “Read no evil.” Maybe we can say they were all doing there imitation of Sergeant Schultz in the old series, Hogan’s Heroes, “I see nothing. I see nothing.” I would guess that the whole of the seventh floor of the FBI is maned by hundreds of clones of Sergeant Schultz. The alternative thought is that they were a bunch of monkeys covering their eyes. You take your pick. Either way, by their own admission, they neither saw, heard or knew anything. I guess we must conclude that they covered their eyes for all four applications.

So now we are in the midst of a post election fog. The democrats have completely destroyed the faith the majority of us had in our election process and all the democrats can say is that they see no evidence of fraud. Of course they don’t. They are assuming the position of the monkey and they are covering their eyes. Guess what. If you close your eyes, cover them and look away, of course they see nothing. (There is no one so blind as those who will not see.)

Some say, there is very little fraud. That’s stupid. Are we supposed to ignore a crime because there is so little of it. Every person who commits fraud in an election should be prosecuted. Moreover, if a pattern develops, we must assume there is someone behind it.

If we find a broad pattern of it, as is now developing, it only stands to reason that the democrats are behind it. All those who disobeyed the law should be investigated and prosecuted, especially if they were sitting in a big luxurious office with his feet propped up at the time of the crime.

It just might help them and others see better during the next election. Of course, there is no need for Biden to do anything wrong. The country is full of people who gladly do it for him, possibly to the point of going to jail.

Already Christmas?

I heard a Christmas advertisement the other day. I looked over at the calendar and saw we were still a couple of weeks shy of Thanksgiving. The advertisement was for some store suggesting great black Friday savings.

Foolish me! I thought black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving. Okay. I get it. Many businesses have suffered business reversals because of the Chinese virus and riots. The stores need to make up for some serious losses. However, I noticed the toys are being advertised too. I can’t imagine they need to make up that much ground.

Then there is that wonderful Hershey’s Kisses advertisement. If possible, I skip over the vast majority of ads these days. I don’t think the companies would mind much. Even when I did watch them, I paid little attention to them. Even more, I rarely bought their products. I found that what they advertise as a strength was usually the weakest characteristic of their product.

[For instance, Exon advertised how they maintain an environmentally friendly product right after their ship ran aground. Then too, there was that oil platform that caught fire and spread oil all over the Mexican Gulf. There are many others I can site as examples but you likely know them as well as I do.]

However, I do want give Hershey a little slack. First, they make real good chocolate. Second, I really like the little whimsical commercial where the Kisses pretend they are bells. I actually look forward to the commercial. The other day, I saw it; then I backed it up and watched it again.

I have no idea how many years they have used the commercial, but it is still one of my favorites.

Now, if that guy that sells those pillows could come up with a good advertisement. I guess there is no hope there. Pillows aren’t supposed to ring.

The Mainstream Media Lost Too

Their still counting and recounting. The truth be told, the media does not call an election, regardless of what they might say. On a set day, at a set time, the electors meet and vote for the president. Only then is a president elected.

When all is said and done, President Trump might have to leave The White House but the mainstream media and the vast majority of the pollsters have big black eyes. Even Fox News got it wrong. They all said that Biden would win in a landslide. Didn’t happen. It is an undisputed fact that it was razor thin.

Indeed even the network anchors had to admit it was a real squeaker. Had the media and social networks not put every effort into pulling their man across the finish line, Biden would not have gotten close. Worse, their lies and predictions likely also effected the result.

Now, do you believe anyone with an ounce of intelligence will ever believe the pollsters or networks again. If they do, it will only be because it is wishful thinking.

As for me, I’ll not put any stock in the social networks. Actually, I never did. However, it only goes to proves my justification in my opinion of them.

Finally, those characters need to brace themselves. When the American voters figure out what the democrats are doing, they will first throw the rotten congressmen out and then, in 2024, they’ll throw Biden out, assuming he lives that long. Worse, for the media, most folks will put the media in the classification of fiction. No one will ever believe them again.

“Elections Have Consequences”

“Elections have consequences.”

It is what Obama said and, at least to some degree, it is certainly true. When he was in office, the consequences weren’t so great. It resulted in the loss of millions of lives, millions of illegal aliens, the squandering of billions of tax dollars on his pet projects and a so called health care system that Joseph Lenin would have been proud of.

Now we have another democrat in office. Just what do we have to look forward to?

  1. Millions of illegal aliens rushing across the border. Of course, after Biden and his friends get done playing with things, they just might want to go back, as well as all those Hollywood stars who threatened to leave when Donald Trump was elected.
  2. The price of Gas will skyrocket. It won’t be by accident. They like high gas prices. They will be thrilled to see us all pay $5 or $7 a gallon for gas. They might even like to see $10. For those of us who are retired, it won’t hurt us so much. I don’t drive a hundred miles a week. Many working stiffs drive that much in a day. And, by the way, it will mean truckers and farmers will have to pay more too. Don’t be surprised to see the price of goods, especially food, increase in price. (By the way, that grocer you do business with has to get to and from work too. That will be added to the food bill too.
  3. Alliances will be formed with, at best questionable empires, at worst, tyrants, such as Chinese leaders.
  4. Schools and colleges will become indoctrination centers. Maybe I should correct that. It is already well underway. Biden and his friends will just see to it that it is competed.
  5. All those folks that got jobs working in the oil fields, they will have to find another way to make a living. All those folks who make their money off those working in the oil fields, they will have to look for jobs too.
  6. Speaking of jobs, there will be a shortage of them. It won’t happen right away. Some will just fade away. Others will quietly go overseas, mostly China. (Those Chinese communists didn’t give all that money to Biden for nothing, you know.)
  7. For the most part, my income will be okay, at least in the short term. The problem is that, as jobs decrease, so does income. As income decreases, so does tax revenue, even though rates increase. Tax revenue is where Social Security comes from.
  8. Finally, Medicare will be destroyed. In their efforts to merge general health care into medicare, they will destroy both. I am 72, almost 73. There is a probability that I won’t live long enough to see that. I don’t know.

On the side, please permit me to make one more observation. The Ruskies have been making efforts almost since their Bolshevik revolution to destroy our way of government and our election system. It would appear the democrats have succeeded in less than a year. It would make our forefathers cry if they could see it. It is a good thing that those who died to secure it won’t see it. On the other hand, some of us who fought for it are still around. It is a horrid thing the democrats have done to our constitution and they have barely begun. In four years, this country will not be recognizable, if it is still here at all.

While touting how wonderful our Constitution is, they have no qualms in using it to destroy that very document they claim to hold so dear.

The Difference Between Pride and Pride

During my preteen years, my oldest brother retired from the Army. He lived out near March AFB so he went out there about every other week for groceries. One time, I went with him. I noticed a few places where they had painted large, and I mean large signs, “PRIDE.”

I was a little confused. I had always been taught that pride was a bad thing. Certainly, the Bible has many passages on the subject, none of them depicted it as being good.

To be sure, if pride is not the worst sin, it is close to it. God hates it because it frequently stands between God and men. Invariably, before man will accept Jesus as his savior, God must first deal with his pride.

However, there is another kind of pride. From the time I joined the Marines, it was drummed into my head continuously. This kind of pride drives us to do our best, even without anyone watching over our shoulder.

Yet, as good as this form of pride is, it can be bad too. Any time we think more of ourselves than we ought to, it is wrong and it can stand in the way, even in the military.

Many times, we should use the term, thankful instead of proud. To say that we are thankful for something is to admit that we didn’t earn it. It was something that we received. It is a form of humility.

For sure there are many things in my life that I am thankful for, including my country. Because I am thankful, I do what I can to remain a good citizen.

Pride, however, can lead us astray, and can make us hard to live with. Let’s take the story my father told me:

A man walked into a blacksmith’s shop as he was pounding on a piece of steel. On the floor, the visitor noticed a horseshoe and picked it up. Quickly, he dropped it.

The blacksmith glanced over his shoulder and said, “Kind of hot wasn’t it?”

The man folded his hands behind him and said, “Oh, no. I was just looking at it.

Laughing the blacksmith remarked, “Well, you sure let go of it in a hurry.”

This visitor thought for a second then replied, “Yeah. It doesn’t take me long to look at a horseshoe.”

Now what about the story makes it funny. We can all identify with it. While we might not have ever touched a hot horseshoe, there are things that we did. Then of course, when we suffered for it, we tried to pretend it was no big deal.

In the case of the visitor in the blacksmith shop, he might have blisters on his fingers. He might be in excruciating pain. However, he’ll never admit it. He will hide his pain even to the point of keeping the expression of pain off his face. It would cause too much damage to his pride, or maybe, in the modern vernacular, ego.

Pride is a monster that can hang around our necks and keep us from being what we could be. When it controls us, it stands in the way of admitting what we are, sinners, totally dependent on the mercy of God. It goes against our grain to admit it, but admitting it is one of the first steps to salvation.

And that is the reason God hates pride.

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