“Elections Have Consequences”

“Elections have consequences.”

It is what Obama said and, at least to some degree, it is certainly true. When he was in office, the consequences weren’t so great. It resulted in the loss of millions of lives, millions of illegal aliens, the squandering of billions of tax dollars on his pet projects and a so called health care system that Joseph Lenin would have been proud of.

Now we have another democrat in office. Just what do we have to look forward to?

  1. Millions of illegal aliens rushing across the border. Of course, after Biden and his friends get done playing with things, they just might want to go back, as well as all those Hollywood stars who threatened to leave when Donald Trump was elected.
  2. The price of Gas will skyrocket. It won’t be by accident. They like high gas prices. They will be thrilled to see us all pay $5 or $7 a gallon for gas. They might even like to see $10. For those of us who are retired, it won’t hurt us so much. I don’t drive a hundred miles a week. Many working stiffs drive that much in a day. And, by the way, it will mean truckers and farmers will have to pay more too. Don’t be surprised to see the price of goods, especially food, increase in price. (By the way, that grocer you do business with has to get to and from work too. That will be added to the food bill too.
  3. Alliances will be formed with, at best questionable empires, at worst, tyrants, such as Chinese leaders.
  4. Schools and colleges will become indoctrination centers. Maybe I should correct that. It is already well underway. Biden and his friends will just see to it that it is competed.
  5. All those folks that got jobs working in the oil fields, they will have to find another way to make a living. All those folks who make their money off those working in the oil fields, they will have to look for jobs too.
  6. Speaking of jobs, there will be a shortage of them. It won’t happen right away. Some will just fade away. Others will quietly go overseas, mostly China. (Those Chinese communists didn’t give all that money to Biden for nothing, you know.)
  7. For the most part, my income will be okay, at least in the short term. The problem is that, as jobs decrease, so does income. As income decreases, so does tax revenue, even though rates increase. Tax revenue is where Social Security comes from.
  8. Finally, Medicare will be destroyed. In their efforts to merge general health care into medicare, they will destroy both. I am 72, almost 73. There is a probability that I won’t live long enough to see that. I don’t know.

On the side, please permit me to make one more observation. The Ruskies have been making efforts almost since their Bolshevik revolution to destroy our way of government and our election system. It would appear the democrats have succeeded in less than a year. It would make our forefathers cry if they could see it. It is a good thing that those who died to secure it won’t see it. On the other hand, some of us who fought for it are still around. It is a horrid thing the democrats have done to our constitution and they have barely begun. In four years, this country will not be recognizable, if it is still here at all.

While touting how wonderful our Constitution is, they have no qualms in using it to destroy that very document they claim to hold so dear.

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