The Mainstream Media Lost Too

Their still counting and recounting. The truth be told, the media does not call an election, regardless of what they might say. On a set day, at a set time, the electors meet and vote for the president. Only then is a president elected.

When all is said and done, President Trump might have to leave The White House but the mainstream media and the vast majority of the pollsters have big black eyes. Even Fox News got it wrong. They all said that Biden would win in a landslide. Didn’t happen. It is an undisputed fact that it was razor thin.

Indeed even the network anchors had to admit it was a real squeaker. Had the media and social networks not put every effort into pulling their man across the finish line, Biden would not have gotten close. Worse, their lies and predictions likely also effected the result.

Now, do you believe anyone with an ounce of intelligence will ever believe the pollsters or networks again. If they do, it will only be because it is wishful thinking.

As for me, I’ll not put any stock in the social networks. Actually, I never did. However, it only goes to proves my justification in my opinion of them.

Finally, those characters need to brace themselves. When the American voters figure out what the democrats are doing, they will first throw the rotten congressmen out and then, in 2024, they’ll throw Biden out, assuming he lives that long. Worse, for the media, most folks will put the media in the classification of fiction. No one will ever believe them again.

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