Already Christmas?

I heard a Christmas advertisement the other day. I looked over at the calendar and saw we were still a couple of weeks shy of Thanksgiving. The advertisement was for some store suggesting great black Friday savings.

Foolish me! I thought black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving. Okay. I get it. Many businesses have suffered business reversals because of the Chinese virus and riots. The stores need to make up for some serious losses. However, I noticed the toys are being advertised too. I can’t imagine they need to make up that much ground.

Then there is that wonderful Hershey’s Kisses advertisement. If possible, I skip over the vast majority of ads these days. I don’t think the companies would mind much. Even when I did watch them, I paid little attention to them. Even more, I rarely bought their products. I found that what they advertise as a strength was usually the weakest characteristic of their product.

[For instance, Exon advertised how they maintain an environmentally friendly product right after their ship ran aground. Then too, there was that oil platform that caught fire and spread oil all over the Mexican Gulf. There are many others I can site as examples but you likely know them as well as I do.]

However, I do want give Hershey a little slack. First, they make real good chocolate. Second, I really like the little whimsical commercial where the Kisses pretend they are bells. I actually look forward to the commercial. The other day, I saw it; then I backed it up and watched it again.

I have no idea how many years they have used the commercial, but it is still one of my favorites.

Now, if that guy that sells those pillows could come up with a good advertisement. I guess there is no hope there. Pillows aren’t supposed to ring.

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