Follow the Science?

The visit that Kamala Harris had planned for the show “The View,” had to be modified. It seems two of the hosts tested positive for the China virus.

I really don’t know why the fuss. They were all fully vaccinated. All they had to do was all double mask and maintain 6 feet. Maybe, considering that she is vice president, she should maintain 8 feet and double mask. It is a matter of following the science.

My big question is this. Why have her on the program in the first place? All she will do is lie and spread the blame, which she did.

Then again, that’s sort of what the show specializes in, lying and spreading the blame. Well, there are two more things they do. They yell and make really bad jokes. That is sort of what FOCs do in general; all while maintaining political correctness.

Just Wondr’n

For a few weeks now, I have been seeing an ad on TV picturing a dog and a man with The Statue of Liberty in the background. Something is said about look alikes and I must admit the man and dog do bear resemblances to each other.

The one thing I keep wondering is, which one is most intelligent?

The Question NOT Asked

A while ago, Biden answered a question about the border agents riding horses and whipping the illegal aliens. There are but two problems with that. The agents were not whipping the agents as he said they were. More important, that was NOT the question he was asked. The question he was asked was based on something that started long before any videos of horses.

The context of the question included over 18 thousand people taking refuge under a bridge as they suffered and spread disease while he and his cronies sat and watched. It was about letting those diseased people into the country without being tested or immunized for the China virus.

Actually, when you come right down to it, it started even before the election when Biden, during one of his speeches shouted out, the equivalent of y’all come!

Naturally, he did not want to answer to the context of the question. He had no answer that didn’t make him look like just exactly what he is: incompetent. He had no answer that did not reveal he is what he is: sociopath. He had no answer that would not reveal his weakness as a leader. He lacks simple common sense!

None the less, it is a common practice as I wrote in another post. If you watch, you will see it too. When they don’t like the question they are asked, they answer THE QUESTION NOT ASKED!! when they do that sort of thing, it is the primary indication they are FOCs. (Friends Of Criminals)

This part is added as an afterthought, but it is important. If there was a nice big wall, there would not be any need to use horses to heard the illegal aliens. Is it really necessary for me to remind anyone that Biden stopped the construction of the wall immediately after he was elected. Walls are more effective than whips and they are actually more humane. Very few would go 4000 miles just to face a thirty foot wall. The wall does not build up false hopes. As side benefit, they greatly reduce illegal drugs, which are far from humane.


Anyone Ever Heard of Quality Control?

I guess the first time I ever heard the term “quality control” was when I was in the 7th grade or there abouts. Considering I was born in 1947, that was almost a lifetime ago, literally. That means, statistically, I should die just about any time now. Most men do not live much past their seventieth birthday.

Speaking of statistics, which some of us have difficulty saying; it is a science that, when applied to quality control, provide a very effective way of providing a good quality product without having to test each and every one.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in statistics. However, I do know a little bit about them. In today’s world, it is difficult to avoid them, even while watching TV. Consider the nature show I saw. They caught several fish, tagged them and let them go. After a while, they caught several more fish and let them go. By determining how many of the fish they caught the second time that were tagged, they were able to determine how many fish were in the lake.

They explained it all and it made sense to me, though I still had my doubts. I’m not sure they took into account all the variables. None the less, they said they were accurate within a few percentage points.

On assembly lines, there are fewer variables and the stats are far more indicative. By pulling a small number of samples off the line at various points and checking them, the statistician can tell just how much of a problem the assembly line might have, that is, within certain limits.

Nowadays, it is a science that is practiced in just about all industries. If the CEO of Ford wants to know how many cars do not meet the specs, he asks quality control and they can tell him, likely within a few percent. This is despite the fact that quality control does not look at all the cars. Naturally, the more they sample, the more accurate they are. However, they can be very with very small random samples.

It really makes me wonder why we don’t use random sampling for voting. It can be done. Banks have test accounts to make sure that all accounts are treated properly. Random deposits and withdrawals are made and then verified. If the numbers are wrong, the bank knows they have a problem to fix. Mostly, it is a confidence test. The numbers are rarely, rarely wrong.

At the very least a simple test should be made after all elections for quality control. A certain number of the voters should be verified, not to determine who they voted for, but if they even exist. That is to say, someone would go to the address of a voter and ask two simple questions. Does this person live at this address and did he or she vote? The answers would go into a database and the statisticians could determine how many votes were legal and how many were not. The results should be posted to the legislatures and to the pubic. What is done with the numbers is up to them.

There is a little more active method. Special quality control ballots could be entered into the system at irregular intervals. The machines would not count the votes but they would be recorded. This would verify the machinery and the system itself. Those in charge of the quality control would know how it should turn out and would know there was a problem if it was wrong.

None of this would be perfect. However, if there was a big problem, we could be alerted. Moreover, if there is no problem, we would have just a little more confidence in the system. In itself, this would be a good thing. Doubting elections can lead to problems.

I don’t think any of this will happen, though. The FOCs have no desire for us to find the problems… the ones we can see without the quality control. They certainly don’t want the facts backed up with proof.

The Good and the Bad

As some of you may already know, about the only game I play on my computer is free space. I find it a very challenging stimulus for my mind. However, before the more recent versions of windows, they did not have ads between games.

They now give us an option, pay or put up with the ads. I have found ways around the ads but here lately I have been watching them, but not listening. Many of them are very noisy. My dog does not like the noise. For that matter, neither do my wife or I. I found a simple solution. I turned off the sound.

As I look over the ads, I have found many of the ads have some very nice art work, some which I would pay for. Maybe they are missing the boat. They might make good wallpaper or screen savers.

On the other hand, some aren’t so great. I don’t know if you could pay me enough to take one of them. Indeed, I wouldn’t play the game even if I might think I might like it.

A Desire for War?

It would appear that the squad is out for war. I mean, I cannot see inside their minds and I cannot see their motives. However, in this case, the motives seem to be war. I see no other possibility.

They managed to get the funding for Israel’s purely defensive missiles removed. So, when they run out of the missals and more rockets continue to come in from the Gaza Strip, what are they to do. That’s right; send rockets back. That’s right; drop bombs on the Gaza Strip until the rockets stop.

Just what would happen then?

It is another reason to call them dummycrats.

I would ask what they are thinking of but that assumes too much. I don’t think they can think.

Whip Crack Away

The above are the more familiar words to the song, “The Deadwood Stage,” which is from the move “Calamity Jane.” The one song most remembered from the movie was “Secret Love,” which became one of Doris Day’s greatest hits.

One might ask, and rightfully so, “Why bring up the subject on an almost ancient movie?” Well, I was reminded of it when I heard the accusations of border agents using whips on illegal aliens. Of course, they didn’t. Those FOCs do love to draw mental images of those in law enforcement doing horrible things to people doing illegal things, even when they don’t. I mean, all those poor folks are trying to do is cross the border, which is against the law.

I suspect in the long run, the FOCs will likely have to swallow their words, though it will not be much compensation for the border agents who were just doing their jobs. For something like this, maybe it would not be worth writing a post.

However, I got to thinking about whips. After all, those who used them to control animals rarely hit the animal. Generally, they simply crack the whip close to the animals’ ears. Admittedly, I am not familiar with all the techniques, but it is a good way of controlling horses and mules in humane ways. They simply use the sound to control the animals.

This got me to thinking. Just maybe we should give whips to the border patrol. Primarily, they would not use them on the illegals. Simply cracking them in the right way might encourage them to turn around and go back south. On rare occasions, the whips could be used only on persistent adult men. The whips can leave whelps and can even open the skin. However, let’s face it, they are being disobedient of US law. Would it be better to lock them up for a few days and send them home.

Moreover, once word got around, the need of the whips would greatly be decreased. After all, how many poor illegal aliens would want to face a mean border agent swinging a whip from the saddle of a horse?

Then again, had Biden not messed things up on the border in the first place; had he let the wall be completed, we wouldn’t need think about such things. Because of his orders, the illegals must suffer!! AND THEY ARE SUFFERING!!


As a side note, if you have not seen “Calamity Jane,” you might want to the next chance you get. It is a good movie and it does have some good music. Even if you don’t see the movie, you can listen to the music on the net.

A Simple Observation

A short time ago, almost all in the Biden administration, including Biden were taking credit for the killing of a bad man in a car carrying explosives.

Then, what was it, Friday morning? One man admits that the man was an aid distributing water. Besides the one aid, several others, including children were killed.

The one man admitting the guilt was a four star general but he was at least five levels below the president, who remained silent. Suddenly, only the general had anything to say about it.

It is common. It happens all the time. Biden wanted to take credit for the success. On the other hand, he separated himself as far as he could from the failure.

It is the mark of a poor leader. Good leaders take responsibility for mistakes. BAD LEADERS FIND OTHERS TO BLAME!! You want to find a good leader, look for the one willing to accept the blame even more so than the credit. If Biden was a good leader, he would have held a special news conference and admitted his mistake. He would not have cowered in his basement while someone else faced the public.

A Double Fix

They say the carbon dioxide level is too high. So the first solution is to remove some carbon dioxide from the air and put it in large tanks of various sizes.

The second solution is to stage the tanks in strategic locations near forest and airports. In the event of a forest fire, at the correct time, release the carbon dioxide into the fire. Some tanks could be airlifted into location before being discharged.

This would replace the normal air around the fire and would reduce the burn rate, or maybe extinguish the fire entirely.

As a side note, it would greatly reduce the exhaust from the burning wood, which produces more smog than any fossil fuel. This smog, of course, contains carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

I doubt anyone would be interested in using such a method. The expense would be far greater than the benefit. The forests are not worth that much. Besides, if it worked, it would take an argument from both the tree hugers and the climate changers.

Maybe a better way would be to remove some of the trees each year, which would decrease some of the fuel. Moreover, the trees that are removed could be put to good use, far better use than if they were reduced to ashes.