The Good and the Bad

As some of you may already know, about the only game I play on my computer is free space. I find it a very challenging stimulus for my mind. However, before the more recent versions of windows, they did not have ads between games.

They now give us an option, pay or put up with the ads. I have found ways around the ads but here lately I have been watching them, but not listening. Many of them are very noisy. My dog does not like the noise. For that matter, neither do my wife or I. I found a simple solution. I turned off the sound.

As I look over the ads, I have found many of the ads have some very nice art work, some which I would pay for. Maybe they are missing the boat. They might make good wallpaper or screen savers.

On the other hand, some aren’t so great. I don’t know if you could pay me enough to take one of them. Indeed, I wouldn’t play the game even if I might think I might like it.

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