Real Treasure

I heard an interview of Trace Adkins on TV a few years back.  For those that know me, this will sound strange.  I am not a country/western music fan, though there are a few songs I do like by country singers.  At any rate, the question was put to him, “Do you buy gold?”  The obvious reason for the question was asked in relation to any prepping that he might do in the event of disaster.

Casually, Mr. Adkins replied, “No.  I can’t eat gold.  I buy land, seed and lead.”

Now there is a man with some real common sense.  If things get bad, the man that has gold will easily part with it for a loaf or two of bread.

Repeatedly, I hear these guys on TV trying to hawk their silver and gold on TV.  If the gold is worth so much, why do they wan to sell it?  Personally, I see three problems with this.  Invariably, I will always have to pay more for the gold than what it is worth.  In the event that I sell it, I no longer have any treasure.  Moreover, no one will ever pay me what the gold is worth.  Finally, gold, in a true disaster won’t have any value at all.  You can’t eat it.

On the other hand, if I am the only one around with grain, I can pretty much set my price.

The books are full of stories of men seeking treasures.  The truth is frequently we already have the real treasures.  Here in this country we have a real treasure that is generally overlooked and taken for granted.  Our founding fathers paid for it, many with their lives, many with their limbs.  Many have fought and died to hold onto the treasure.  By now, I am sure most of you know the treasure of which I speak, freedom… also known as liberty.  Since the Revolutionary War, this country has not know tyranny.  There are few countries in this world that can truly say that today.  …Certainly not Russia.  …Certainly not China.  …and most certainly not Iran.

Of all the treasures on this earth, it is likely the one treasure most worth fighting for.  Yet so few are willing to fight for it.  Worse yet, there are those who stand in the way of those who are willing to fight for it.  To be sure, remember, it is far easier to maintain the freedom we have than to fight for the freedom we lose.

I write this because there are those who want to take our treasure from us.  They don’t want us to have it.  They want to run our lives and tell us what to do and what not to do.  They want to tell us how to raise our children and they want to teach our children the way tyranny.

I ask you, what good is gold if you can’t buy anything with it.  What good is security if you are being told what to think.

I refer you back to the above quote.  The land and seed is good for survival.  The problem is that there are always people trying to take your treasure.  So.  To hold onto the land and seed, a person must also have lead… and the willingness to use it.

For sure, the more I think of Trace Adkins’ words, the more true they ring.  There would not be survival without all thee: land to raise crops, seed for the crops, and lead to protect the other two.

If we are not willing to protect our treasure, there are people that will take it from us.  Maybe you don’t care.  Fine.  You lack the courage and conviction.  Then stand aside and don’t hinder the rest of us.

How to Destroy a Nation

I am hardly the epitome of a great person.  I have made countless bad decisions, some, oddly, on purpose.  I thought that I could circumvent the consequences.

However, I’m hardly an ogre.  To the best of my knowledge, I murdered not one.  I try to be honest.  I try not to hurt people.  I neither drink nor smoke and never did.

Enough already.  It’s not my point to brag, but I’m sure you get my point.  The fact is, I do love this country.  I spent nine years in the Marines doing my little part to keep us free.  I even spent one year in Vietnam,  pretty much terrified.

However, if I decided I wanted to destroy this country, the first thing I would do is to destroy the family structure.  Well, I guess someone beat me to it.  The concept of one father, one mother and children is about gone.  Satan, through the communists Soviets, has been very busy.  Something tells me he does not like this country or what it stands for.

First, the idea of marriage has been completely redefined.  Second, children are being reprogrammed by the public education system.  They have forced God out of our schools so that they can put things into our children’s minds that are completely foreign to the principles that this country was founded on.

Third, they have made the state the main provider of sustenance, not the father.  Hence, there is no more need for the father to remain in the home.  He serves no purpose other than, possibly abusing the wife and children, which profits Satan and the communists.  After all, children are the future of any country.

The state has made marriage and divorce fast and easy, even to the point of the “No fault” divorces.  Believe it or not, there was a time when people actually had to present a valid reason to a judge in order to get a divorce.  Indeed there are some couples who get divorces for no other reason than for tax purposes.

Then, of course there are those who don’t even bother with the marriage at all.  Who wants to make a real commitment?   It is just paper, right?

…and so it is that the true concept of the family continues to fade off into obscurity.  Most assuredly,  if it is not soon reversed, our nation will follow.  I’m not a prophet.  It doesn’t take a prophet to see the future in this case.

Then, as Nikita  Khrushchev said, the Russians will just march in and take over without firing a shot.  However, they might have to hurry.  Mexico might beat them to it.

Home Made Guns

Some have the allusion that it takes a big factory to build guns.  Yet, David Marshall Williams made a semi-automatic rifle while incarcerated in prison.  He built it in the prison machine shop.

Basically, it was the one used by hundreds of thousands of soldiers during WWII.  In some some ways, it was a better gun for war than those that were designed and built in the big factories.

I have no doubt that a good blacksmith with the proper tools can build rifles or sidearms with nothing more than a little of the right raw materials and a few good tools.

Some might want to consider that when they say we should make guns illegal.  At least the ones we have now have serial numbers and can be traced to some degree.  If people start making them in basements, we won’t know where they come from, or, for that matter, what country they come from.



I used to watch TV shows about doomsday prepping.  Though I don’t put a lot of stock in it, I found it interesting what other people have done to survive a wide variety of disasters.  They stored or set up treatment for water.  Personally, I figure on keeping a few gallons of distilled water handy

Naturally, some store food and provide for the future.  Generally the storage includes freeze dried foods, keeping livestock and gardening.  The hitch here is that you have to be careful about the seed you use.  Most modern seeds cannot be replanted.  Those that produce the seeds do this on purpose so the farmers have to go back to them year after year.

Depending on what the prepper feared, most built shelters and some keep the location a guarded secret.  Some are designed to protect from weather, some from chemical or biological hazard, and others are designed to protect from hydrogen bombs.  Then too, some were designed to protect from neighbors trying to rob the food and water that they have set aside for themselves.

Oddly, we citizens are not the only ones that prepare for disasters.  We now have a big shelter inside a mountain, which is supposed to survive almost anything, including nuclear attack.  There have been a number of shelters designed for the president and congress.  I would not be surprised if there was something down deep under The Whitehouse for the president and some of his staff.  Even if not, the president can get on Air Force One and stay in the air for days.  I don’t know, maybe weeks.

I saw a thing a few years ago where an outfit can build a storm shelter right below your garage.  I know of at least one case where it worked.  Their house was utterly destroyed, but the family remained safe underground.  I guess that was one case where prepping was well worth it.

When all is said and done, I have come to the conclusion that the safest place to be in the case of a disaster is in a nuclear submarine.  A sub running about two-hundred feet below the surface would not likely be affected by any weather, earth quakes, tidal waves and biological or chemical disasters.  Those in a sub would more likely survive even an all-out atomic war, for a while anyway.

The modern day atomic sub can remain operational for up to thirty years.  Unfortunately, the crew would run out of food long before that.  Still, they would have plenty of air and water.

Personally, I have found that prepping is not that difficult, especially for those of us that can’t afford big shelters and such.  As mentioned above, a few gallons of water, a good supply of canned food is about all it takes.  A good supply of pasta is nice and not at all expensive.  It all can last up to two years.

Even if I did have something that would last me years, it still wouldn’t work.  Now and then I have to visit a pharmacy and buy a bunch of pills.  Without the pills, I will likely die soon anyway.  To the best of my knowledge, they won’t let me buy all that many in advance.

At any rate, you might like to read my book “The Prepper.”  You won’t learn much about prepping in it, but it is a good who-done-it.  Of all my books, the prepper is the only one that sells itself.

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