Good and Bad Tyrants

It would seem ridiculous to consider the possibility of a good tyrant. The truth is that there are good tyrants and, generally they are the worst kind. They rule over you for your own good. They tell you it is for your own good. “I know better than you what is good for you.” And so they set up a tyrannical dictatorship. You get out of line and guess what.

“The punishment is for your own good. It would be wrong for me to set you free. If I did, you would only cause yourself harm. It is better you do as I say. After all, you do as I say and then everyone will live better.” To some degree, there are a few people that deserve the above remark. There is a word for them… criminal. I guess to some degree, the good tyrant looks at everyone as a criminal. He or she must do as he is told or he will make mistakes. So the good tyrant thinks as himself as a shepherd looking over the dumb sheep.

I would rather face a bad tyrant. At least it is easier to see him for what he is. At least it is easier to convince others.

Biden is one of those who thinks of himself as a good shepherd. He tells us what to do for our own good and it angers him and his friends when we don’t do as he says. After all, it is for our good that he does what he does.

Now it would seem he had decided to use elements of the internet against us so that we will do as he says. We must, we must receive our VAX and anyone who says otherwise should be censored. Near the beginning of the pandemic, it was absolutely necessary that no one speak of the virus coming from the lab. It was a horrible rumor that must be stopped. Then there were the meds that had to be beaten back. Now we find out that both were mistakes. The virus likely did start in the Chinese labs and there are a number of meds that really might have worked. And this was for our own good. So the good tyrant made the mistakes and we all suffered. But it is okay. He is a good tyrant and that makes it all okay.

Before the election, Biden could legally use the social media to encourage censorship. It was free speech. Now he is president. It is illegal for him to use the social media in such a way. It is against the first amendment. It turns the social media into a proxy for the government. When he colludes with the social media to limit speech it is not only illegal, but it is established to be illegal. There are already court cases. When the lawyers of the former president get to present their case, Biden will have to admit to being guilty of crimes and misdemeanors.

Biden might want to rethink his methods. Even now it might be too late. If that case gets to The Supreme Court, he just might get to find out what happens when former presidents are incarcerated.

A Choice of Words

A rose is a rose.  In essence, Shakespeare, those centuries ago, told us so.  If that is true, can we also say that a spy is a spy, even if he is called an informant?

It is a problem with our modern society, lawyer speak. We are told that the man or men that infiltrated the Trump campaign was a not a spy, but an informant.  Pardon me.  I am not a lawyer so I call someone spying a spy.  I think most us do, or at least should.

The fact of the matter is, the Obama administration used spies to spy on the opponent and that is wrong, legal or not.  If it is legal, the law should be altered, though I’m not going to hold my breath, if you’ll excuse the overused phrase.

Those who made the decision to use a spy (or informant, if you prefer) should be ashamed of themselves.  If they still work for the government, they should resign immediately.

It Would Appear the Democrats Are Stuck on Stupid

Even before President Trump became President Trump, the Dems have been working overtime trying to get him out of office.  They act as if, by destroying the man, they can reclaim the office of presidency.

News item… it doesn’t work that way.  First, I don’t think they will drive him from office.  Even if they impeach him, it takes 2/3 of the senate to convict him.  That is just not going to happen.  Moreover, if they took a few minutes to think about it, they would know it.  When a crook frames someone and gets caught at it, it’s the one doing the framing that suffers.

However, assuming they did drive President Trump from office, it would just make matters worse for them.  That would mean Vice President Pence would become President Pence and, from what I can tell, his ideas are far more conservative than President Trump’s.  Moreover, VP Pence has legislative experience.  He knows how the system works and likely will be able to make it work better.

I don’t know everything about such things, but if I were one of the Dems and I wanted to raise taxes and bring a bunch of illegals across the border to vote for me, I don’t think it would be such a good idea to let VP Pence ascend to the presidency.  Not only is he more conservative, but he has strong Christian values.  It would be much more difficult to find skeletons in his closet.

If he became president, all you would be able to do would be to wait and hope to beat him in the next election.  Given his record and the will and desires of the people of the flyover country, I don’t think that will happen.  Moreover, VP Pence is younger and would be able to spend ten years in The White House, not just eight.

It sounds like a pretty stupid plan to me, but if you Dems insist, go ahead.  You won’t be hurting the Republicans and you just might help us conservatives a little.

(By the way, he just might be able to find Clinton’s E-mails and send her and Obama to prison.  Not likely, but it is a thought.)

Thou shalt not murder

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.  The death of those kids in Florida is horrible.  Moreover, the killer in this case almost got away.  Had it not been for one observant police officer, the killer might have remained free for hours, if not days more.  Conceivably, he might have even left the country.  The mass murderer was already miles away from the school when he was taken.

I have, however noticed a pattern.  Every time there is a mass killing with a gun, the media goes nuts, “We must get rid of guns, and right now.  Never mind the second amendment.”  Never mind that the next killer likely already has his gun or will find a way of getting one.

The fact is that killers don’t need guns.  There’s no telling how many boys were killed by Rock Hudson, and he is upheld by society as a hero.  (By the way, I refuse to see any of his movies because of it.  Anyone who has a brain and really feels badly for murder victims should do the same.)  He contracted AIDS and continued to practice his homosexual lifestyle, knowing he might infect the young men.

During the outbreak of AIDS, homosexuals, some who knew they might have AIDS, insisted on giving blood.  Arthur Ashe (a prominent tennis player) became one of their victims when he was given a transfusion.  The federal government was complicit when the CDC refused to believe that the disease could be transferred through the blood.  To this day, there is no attempt to isolate people who are infected, though they finally figured out that they should do what they can to keep infected blood out of our supplies.

If they had adopted the proper infection procedures as soon as the disease was detected, it would have saved thousands, if not millions of lives.  Well, they did get one thing they were after, billions of dollars on research.  To a small degree, they have had some success.  However, for most that contract it, AIDS is a death sentence.  …and, by the way, I have not heard one homosexual apologize.  (Lest someone remind me, drug abusers deserve some of the blame.  In many cases, though, the drug users and the homosexuals were and are the same.)

Those doctors who perform abortions, especially late term abortions commit murder on a regular basis.  Sometimes, the mother suffers physical damage as a result.  Planned Parenthood likely has as much or more blood on their hands as Hitler.  In defiance, they claim they are helping the mother.  In truth, all they want is the money.  If you doubt me, remove the money and see how long the practice continues.  Abortion is a multi-million dollar industry that heavily lobbies congress, especially Dems.

Then, of course there is Obama.  He withdrew the troops from Iraq and hundreds of thousands of people died.  He is held in high esteem by many.  Then there is Hillary.  She killed four men by doing nothing.  She just stood by and blamed it on a film.  (Now that’s dumb.)  I don’t understand.  Why are they not in prison?  The killer in Florida was a mass killer.  Obama and his friends are wholesale killers.

Then again, their killings might not have been so bad.  Their crime was different.  They didn’t use a gun.  Then to, they are democrats.  They can get away with anything.  Teddy and Jack Kennedy got away with murder, literally.

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