Good and Bad Tyrants

It would seem ridiculous to consider the possibility of a good tyrant. The truth is that there are good tyrants and, generally they are the worst kind. They rule over you for your own good. They tell you it is for your own good. “I know better than you what is good for you.” And so they set up a tyrannical dictatorship. You get out of line and guess what.

“The punishment is for your own good. It would be wrong for me to set you free. If I did, you would only cause yourself harm. It is better you do as I say. After all, you do as I say and then everyone will live better.” To some degree, there are a few people that deserve the above remark. There is a word for them… criminal. I guess to some degree, the good tyrant looks at everyone as a criminal. He or she must do as he is told or he will make mistakes. So the good tyrant thinks as himself as a shepherd looking over the dumb sheep.

I would rather face a bad tyrant. At least it is easier to see him for what he is. At least it is easier to convince others.

Biden is one of those who thinks of himself as a good shepherd. He tells us what to do for our own good and it angers him and his friends when we don’t do as he says. After all, it is for our good that he does what he does.

Now it would seem he had decided to use elements of the internet against us so that we will do as he says. We must, we must receive our VAX and anyone who says otherwise should be censored. Near the beginning of the pandemic, it was absolutely necessary that no one speak of the virus coming from the lab. It was a horrible rumor that must be stopped. Then there were the meds that had to be beaten back. Now we find out that both were mistakes. The virus likely did start in the Chinese labs and there are a number of meds that really might have worked. And this was for our own good. So the good tyrant made the mistakes and we all suffered. But it is okay. He is a good tyrant and that makes it all okay.

Before the election, Biden could legally use the social media to encourage censorship. It was free speech. Now he is president. It is illegal for him to use the social media in such a way. It is against the first amendment. It turns the social media into a proxy for the government. When he colludes with the social media to limit speech it is not only illegal, but it is established to be illegal. There are already court cases. When the lawyers of the former president get to present their case, Biden will have to admit to being guilty of crimes and misdemeanors.

Biden might want to rethink his methods. Even now it might be too late. If that case gets to The Supreme Court, he just might get to find out what happens when former presidents are incarcerated.

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