Did Anyone Say Fraud?

I watched a meeting of the Arizona Senate and those auditing the 2020 election.  To say it was eye opening is an understatement.  I do not intend to repeat it all.  I couldn’t if I wanted, and I don’t want to.

However, three facts were brought to mind that I want to pass on.  In addition, on a matter about the Georgia Secretary of State, I feel I need to mention another recent revelation.

The facts are in black.  My opinion or conclusions are in blue.  I’ll try not to get them confused as the FOCs like to do.

Almost 4000 people were allowed to vote though they were not properly registered.  Me thinks that is a little like fraud.

Something short of 10,000 people voted after Nov. 30.  Me thinks that is a lot like fraud.  Isn’t there something wrong with that?  By itself it might have changed who won Arizona.

Over 74,000 more ballots were mailed in than were mailed out.  That sounds a lot like fraud.  On the other hand, maybe they are just magic.  Never again will the FOCs be able to say that there is no evidence of fraud.

By the way, here are a few other minor details.  Some of the paper did not meet specs.  They use thicker paper for ballets to prevent bleed through.  Some of the paper was thinner and permitted bleed through.  Besides, the printing on the front and back did was not properly align.  The printing did not meet standards.  How can this be?  Can we call this suspicious?

Now, considering Georgia: the Secretary of State has admitted to a certain county as having a reputation of crooked elections… for decades.  By the way, he said that the 2020 election was honest and clean.  Maybe he should have added, except to the one county.  I hear the state senate is trying to get the man to answer question or two for them.  Could it be he is afraid of being in the hot seat without any form of insulation?

One more little tidbit.  Sorry, I neither got the man’s name or state, somewhere up north.  At any rate, the cards are on the table.  As the secretary of state for that state, he was accused and it was proved he did not follow the election laws.  He also admitted it.  Then he walked away.  It seems there is no penalty for permitting, or even encouraging fraud in his state.  Guilty as he may be, there is no way to make him pay for his crime.  Now that sounds like the kind of job I would like, one in which I cannot be held accountable for anything.

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