A Choice of Words

A rose is a rose.  In essence, Shakespeare, those centuries ago, told us so.  If that is true, can we also say that a spy is a spy, even if he is called an informant?

It is a problem with our modern society, lawyer speak. We are told that the man or men that infiltrated the Trump campaign was a not a spy, but an informant.  Pardon me.  I am not a lawyer so I call someone spying a spy.  I think most us do, or at least should.

The fact of the matter is, the Obama administration used spies to spy on the opponent and that is wrong, legal or not.  If it is legal, the law should be altered, though I’m not going to hold my breath, if you’ll excuse the overused phrase.

Those who made the decision to use a spy (or informant, if you prefer) should be ashamed of themselves.  If they still work for the government, they should resign immediately.

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