The FOCs Do Not Understand Oil

It’s so simple, a ten-year-old understands it, but the dems just can’t get their arms around it. When the price of oil goes up, the price of everything goes up. The reason is as simple as ABC. Oil, in some way or form is used to make everything.

The farmer uses it to plow the field and for the harvest. Oil is used in fertilizer as well as pest control. It is used to process the crop and in getting it to market. Even there, it is used by the markets for refrigeration.

Even if they go to all electric cars, the oil will be needed in the foreseeable future to make the electricity. And, by the way, it will also be needed to make the cars from the mining to welding and fabrics for the upholstery. The glass for the windows comes from factories that need the power from oil. By the way, glass is also used by the megaton in houses, buildings and aquariums – both large and small. Those six-inch thick panes of glass don’t just happen, you know. It takes a lot of power to make them.

We have come a long way with plastics. They are replacing wood, steel and glass. However, plastic is made from oil byproducts. Oil is also used in making some insulation, which helps us keep our food cold. Without the plastics, we would have to use the more expensive copper and steel for plumbing. Some of those plastic pipes are pretty big.

I suppose I could write 5 thousand word essay on just what all oil is used for. By the way, oil is used transporting oil: train, truck and even pipelines. The hitch is that it has a multiplying effect. When the price of food goes up, it causes everything else to go up. We all must buy food, though some of us should consume a little less.

When the price of glass goes up, it drives the price of cars, buildings and aquariums. When the price of steel and aluminum goes up, do I need to explain to you how that drives the cost of everything up.

So. So what? The price of oil goes up a few dollars. Just watch what happens over the following months. It is called inflation. Then everyone starts looking around, trying to understand how inflation rears its ugly head. Is it really any surprise that the cost of everything should go up 10% — or maybe a tad more. It doesn’t happen over night, but it does happen. It should not surprise anyone but it does, or at least it appears to.

The question is, are those FOCs really that dumb or are they they just pretending to be. After all, as I said, a ten-year-old can figure it out. Maybe inflation is just what they want. After all, those who benefit the most from inflation are the elite. Those who suffer the most are us Walmart shoppers.

For those interested, we could go back to using wood to stay warm as we did in the days of old. That would have two problems: deforestation and smog. Burning wood is nowhere near as clean as burning natural gas. Hence, we can easily say that some fossil fuel has helped in cleaning the air. Can you imagine all of us having to warm our house with wood… or coal.

Bottom line, we need to pump more oil. We need to do more fracking. We need to build more pipelines. That drives the price of everything down. It also has a pretty good side effect, it helps to keep the air clean.

As a side note… if you want to save a few billion particulates of carbon dioxide, do away with drive throughs. I have no idea how much gas is burned while waiting at drive throughs but I would guess it is very significant. Yet, I have not heard one dummycrat complain about them. Maybe they consider their convenience far too important. It is far too inconvenient for them to leave their Cadillac Escalade. Maybe they don’t want to get out in the heat or cold. On the other hand maybe they are just too lazy.

I don’t know. Maybe one or two of the elites will tell me. (to be sure, I make an exception for those who are disabled.)


When I was six, I watched the Jack Benny Show. It was the first time I watched the skit that depicted a train station. Over the public address system, I heard “Train now leaving on track five to Azusa, Anaheim and Cucamunga. The announcer repeated it and both times pronounced cucamunga with deliberate time between each syllable.

At the time, I never had heard of any of those places. Since then, I found that the show writers chose the locations, all real, because of their funny sounding names. It might also be noted that a train leaving Los Angeles might actually go through all three of those cities, though I have no idea if one ever did. All three cities roughly lie on the path east out of L.A.

Nowadays, we all know of Anaheim as the home of that wonderful place known as Disneyland. Though the city has grown with dozens of major industries there, mostly, it is still known as the home of Disneyland.

When we first moved to the area, it was all orange groves. Occasionally, we drove by the place and noted the progress. My father was a carpenter and actually helped to build the place.

It was many years later when I realized where Azusa was. Occasionally, I heard the name on TV or radio, but I had no idea where it was. As a young adult, I had many occasions to drive around and through Azusa. I have no idea where it got its name, but it really is a nice city, which is nestled right at the base of some pretty ausum mountains. California route 39 goes right through it on its way to the beautiful San Gabriel Canyon.

I say beautiful, because it was. It would appear no more. I heard of the fire there and I saw photos of that area. It wretched my heart. I know what it is going to look like when the fire is done with it, or at least I think I do. Sometimes things like that can be even worse than can be imagined.

I have gone up that highway to where it meets Angeles Crest Highway. I understand they don’t meet anymore. That is a shame too.

I’m sure that, eventually, the forests will grow back. I’m equally sure it will never quite be the same. Fires have a tendency to scar things forever.

I just want to say to those fine people of Azusa, I feel for you, I really do, even from 1800 miles away.

I can think of half a dozen things to add, politically. But tonight, I think I will leave the politics out. It is time to grieve, especially if anyone was hurt or killed. I would only hope that others would also show proper respect.