Joe and His Green Crowd FIGURATIVELY Got Shot Down

First, let me re-emphasize “figuratively.” That does not mean literally. No one shot at them, not even a peashooter. I say that lest someone misconstrue the meaning of my words.

If I heard the report right, a federal judge just OKed Phillips Petroleum’s drilling in Alaska, or at least the preparation for it. Now they can build the road, which will permit them to move their equipment in. Biden fought to stop them. He loves drilling for oil and mining for all sorts of things, as long as it is not within the US. He does not like anything benefiting American industry unless approved by the greenies.

I just love it when Joe and his greenies suffer such setbacks. To be sure, when they have setbacks, the American people benefit. In this case, it just might help hold the price down at the gas pumps. The only people that don’t like that are the greenies, those building wind mills and solar batteries, and those invested in EVs.

AND, by the way, from another but related report. Did you hear? The Saudis decided to decrease oil production. Or was it that they will try to increase prices. Either way, it is same, same.

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