The Tragedy of Bribes

I wish I could remember Bible verses some do but even when I practice repeatedly, my memory fails me. At any rate, after reading the Bible a number of times, I still don’t remember much of it. Hence, when it came to mind that I came across several passages concerning bribery, I did a web search on bribery. Quickly, 27 verses popped up, which is more than I remembered.

As to why I did the search, it just is that I have noted a few, well, my first thought was to say ingenious ways to accomplish bribery. However, it’s just simple methods to bypass the law and appearances.

In the past the government officials wrote worthless books and the bribe was in the form of book sales. Then, the worthless books get stacked in some big warehouse and no one ever reads them.

Biden has essentially used the same method but for two twists. First, his son does all the selling. Second, it’s ridiculous paintings instead of books. Whoever purchased those paintings paid the bribes and Joe did their wishes, all of them. I’m sure they got all they paid for. I’m also sure the FOCs will do all they can to keep the public from finding out the source of the bribery.

Now, as for the verses. You can look them up yourself. That way you’re less likely to doubt what I say. Just Google Bible verses with bribe.

The one verse that seems especially apropos was prov. 29:4. Joe is sure doing what he can to destroy the USA. Regardless, Joe ought to read the verses. That way he’ll have a good idea of what is in his future… and those who take part in the corruption.

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