Latest With Kamala

Can you believe the latest about Kamala? Effectively, The New York Times is pitching her off the proverbial locomotive. Or maybe you prefer to use the “under the bus,” term. I just found out this morning. It would seem they no longer believe the woman, whom they used to idolize, is anywhere near able to perform presidential tasks. Moreover, if she had to run for a disabled Joe, she would likely fall flat on her face. (Let me clarify, figuratively lest the dems misunderstand my text.)

My guess is there will be a scramble for a replacement. Naturally, she will have to be a black, or at least half back woman, or perhaps someone, woman or man identifying as female. I mean, if a man can identify as a woman at pull side, why not at an election.

And, oh yes, I guess he, she, it could also have fair skin and blonde hair. I mean, what real difference does that make. It does seem to work for some getting into college.

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