Acquitted… again

Let’s see.

First it was Russia, Russia, Russia. Not only acquitted but proved innocent!

Then there was the first impeachment, along with a few other smaller things along the way. Acquitted!

Then a second impeachment, this without an ounce of real evidence. Effectively tried in a kangaroo court with the dems setting all the rules. Even with the deck stacked against him, Acquitted…again!!

Will they ever get the hint? Can they ever figure it out. They have been trying to railroad him since he started running for president. Someone needs to tell the dems that it is much easier to convict a guilty person, that is, unless they have a D after his name. Democrats have no concerns, like Mr and Mrs Clinton and their Clinton Foundation, the one that made the Clintons millionaires. (The Clintons say they were poor when the left the White House. Where did all those comes come from?) Of course, Biden and his bunch have just followed suit while he puts thousands out of work and destroys the energy industry.

I could provide a list of others, but I believe I have established my pattern.

A Little Cough

I couldn’t believe my eyes. They showed it on TV. I backed it up to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Then, I backed it up one more time.

Sure enough, I saw a man making a speech. He paused and lowered his mask and coughed into his hand. Then he replaced the mask and rubbed his nose a couple of times.

Who could this virus spreader be? He is none other than Joe Bidden, the man who says to do as the scientists tell us to do.

The above may or may not be well known. It is possible you might be able to find the video should you Google it. I don’t know. I don’t care.

What I would like to do is imagine what his wife told him after she found out about it. Very likely she said something like, “Honestly! Joseph Bidden, I can’t I take you anywhere without you embarrassing me, can I?”

I don’t know if that was what she said but it sort of sounds logical.

One more little note:

Obama got into politics and got rich.

Joe Bidden got into politics and got rich.

President Trump got rich and then got into politics.

Why do they keep trying to say President Trump became president to get rich? I don’t understand that.

Oh, by the way. Presidents Reagan and both of the Bushes had quite a fortune before becoming president. I’m sure both Bushes took pay cuts when they went into The White House.