Water Spots

Over the years, working in the Marines and then in a few different civilian organizations, one thing I have learned is the importance to detail. Being a large picture person, I realize that I must constantly remind myself of the importance of dotting all the “i”s and crossing all “t”s with precision.

Maybe one of the best examples I’ve heard is the story of the couple that went to a classy restaurant where they were given nice flatware wrapped in high quality napkins. Once the couple took the flatware in hand, they noticed water spots on the flatware.

They each took a few seconds and the nice napkins to rub out the water spots and soon the spotless eating implements were set neatly in place. They then sat and enjoyed the dinnner. When done, they left without mentioning the water spots at all. Then, of course, they never returned.

As for me, the water spots would have not mattered. On the other hand, I have seen folks that would have asked for “clean” silver. Then others would have simply walked out before ordering.

Regardless of anything else, it is an example in 2 ways. First, as in a previous post, it speaks of competition. It seems, in this case, the lacking in one detail causes the loss of repeat customers. There are any of dozens of such details that can cause a restaurant owner, or any such businessman grief.

Worse, the managers might not be aware, which brings me to my second point, the un-voiced complaint. Every owner, every manager should seek complaints vigorously. Otherwise, how will he become aware thar something needs correction?

If the couple in the little story complained, the restaurant might have still lost the customers, but it might allow the correction before the loss of others.

Yet, I look this way and that way, and I find one business after the other where the owners seem to continue to try to remain oblivious to any problems in their business. In the long run such businesses will surely suffer. They may continue but not strong as they could. Mostly, they will fall behind the competition.

It would seem to some that encouraging complaints from a customer is contrary to success. However, how can a person hone his ability to compete if he doesn’t see where honing is truly necessary.

You might consider the following. There are customers that will notify the management of of a messy restroom and those who won’t. On the other hand, there are businesses that will clean the restroom when notified and there are others that basically say, “So what.” There are those who simply don’t care about customer complaints, even when they are meant to be helpful.

The question, “Do you really want to lose customers over water spots?”

Why I Will Never Again Buy Another Chevy…or Any GM Product

At roughly 4 in the morning, I was driving home from work. As one might imagine, the Interstate traffic was very light. About 5 or 6 cars in front of me slowed and stopped without obvious reason.

I slowed and should have stopped. All too late I discovered there was a lamp post lying across all 3 lanes and then some. Instantly I applied the brakes and managed to slow to 5, maybe 10 MPH.

Not wanting to hit the post without the wheels turning, I let off the brakes completely. I guess each wheel had to rise about 10 inches. I had visions of all 4 wheels falling off but they didn’t.

To this day, the undercarriage is fine about 6 years later.

I must admit, that Chevrolet HHR suspension system is great.

With the above, why wouldn’t I want another one.

  1. After about 5 years, the sunroof broke. After checking around, I have determined that this is common. The failing piece is a little piece metal, likely about an ounce. For that, they wanted me to replace the entire sunroof, about $750. Instead, I fixed it myself for about 20. I liked my fix more.
  2. I have gone through 3 FOBs for remote locking. This took me about 7 months. After that I gave up. I am sure I paid for the remote in some way. I didn’t get it. That is not right. More important, it tells me something about their quality control. As a side note, neither the sunroof, nor the FOBs are likey used muc by the management. If they did, they would know about the problems and fix them. Finally, I would guess they pay very little attention to those on the ground level. Why not isn’t someone who is someone find out about it.

For this reason, i will never buy a GM product or recommend one. If they can’t fix the little things why should I expect them to fix the bigger things.

[Incidentally , at 10 years, I also had to replace the radio. I will not hold that against them. The one I put in is far better, though my turn signal is now silent.