Why I Will Never Again Buy Another Chevy…or Any GM Product

At roughly 4 in the morning, I was driving home from work. As one might imagine, the Interstate traffic was very light. About 5 or 6 cars in front of me slowed and stopped without obvious reason.

I slowed and should have stopped. All too late I discovered there was a lamp post lying across all 3 lanes and then some. Instantly I applied the brakes and managed to slow to 5, maybe 10 MPH.

Not wanting to hit the post without the wheels turning, I let off the brakes completely. I guess each wheel had to rise about 10 inches. I had visions of all 4 wheels falling off but they didn’t.

To this day, the undercarriage is fine about 6 years later.

I must admit, that Chevrolet HHR suspension system is great.

With the above, why wouldn’t I want another one.

  1. After about 5 years, the sunroof broke. After checking around, I have determined that this is common. The failing piece is a little piece metal, likely about an ounce. For that, they wanted me to replace the entire sunroof, about $750. Instead, I fixed it myself for about 20. I liked my fix more.
  2. I have gone through 3 FOBs for remote locking. This took me about 7 months. After that I gave up. I am sure I paid for the remote in some way. I didn’t get it. That is not right. More important, it tells me something about their quality control. As a side note, neither the sunroof, nor the FOBs are likey used muc by the management. If they did, they would know about the problems and fix them. Finally, I would guess they pay very little attention to those on the ground level. Why not isn’t someone who is someone find out about it.

For this reason, i will never buy a GM product or recommend one. If they can’t fix the little things why should I expect them to fix the bigger things.

[Incidentally , at 10 years, I also had to replace the radio. I will not hold that against them. The one I put in is far better, though my turn signal is now silent.

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