Where’s the Cake

After Biden waved his pen and put thousands of people out of work, he was asked about the sudden unemployment. In essence he replied, let them find other jobs. It reminded me of the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake.”

She was said to have said it out of ignorance. She figured that if the people ran out of bread they could eat cake instead. Of course, the only ones who had food were the royalty. There was no bread and there was no cake. And so the people revolted. After the revolution, royalty was very rare in France. Most lost their heads.

And now, the dems say, let them get other jobs. Apparently they speak with the same ignorance that Marie spoke with. Guess what? Unemployment is up. Jobs are down. On top of this, there is going to be even more competition for the jobs there are. In a couple of weeks, there is going to be flood of illegals into this nation such that we have never seen. They will take our jobs and flood our hospitals. Many will bring their crime, their disease and become burdens to the welfare system. To be sure the governor of California has already promised them healthcare, free no less.

As with the Marie Antoinette, the dems are telling those who lost their jobs to eat cake, but there is no cake. People will sit around the dinner table, but there will be no dinner. The jobs they lost paid over a hundred grand. If they are lucky, they might get a job paying a fifth of that. They will lose their houses, their cars and their 401ks. They might not find a job at all. For those unaware, such things often lead to alcoholism and suicides. And all Biden can say is “Let them eat cake.”

If there are many wonderful ‘green’ jobs where are they? Just maybe, before Biden signed those pieces of paper, he should have looked around a little. Maybe he could have looked in the help wanted ads for jobs paying 100- thousand. I don’t know. Would he have found a few thousand jobs offering salaries of 80 grand.

The Constitution was written with latitude. Those that wrote it thought that those running our government would somewhat know what they were doing. They never considered the gross stupidity of those holding office today.

Then again, they never figured that there would be so much dishonesty in our voting. They never figured that a few men and corporation would provide so much of the campaigning. When they provided freedom of the press, they never figured that they would seek the destruction of our republic.

Then again, they handed the country over to the younger generation, knowing how fragile it was. For over two hundred years, we held onto it. If the forefathers say the nation today, the one they started, they just might be a little repentant. It just might bring tears to their eyes.

Bottom line, if the dems keep telling us to eat cake, they just might expect a revolution. Not from me. I’m too old. I wouldn’t even suggest it. It is an observation. When the pressure in the boiler gets to high, things are going to happen.

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