It seems impossible, but it was before I was married when I saw the exhibition of the robot depiction of Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland. That seems a long time ago and I am sure they have made enormous improvements to the science. They are likely more realistic, quieter and more able to stand alone. The one I saw likely had a cable the size of my leg going off somewhere which controlled every move the robot made.

Nonetheless, I was very impressed at the robot. More than that, I had never heard the speech before and I found it very moving.

Here lately, I’ve seen a number of speeches by Biden. After a while, I figured out what he reminded me of. The motion, the mannerisms and the slow actions reminded me of the robot I saw over fifty years ago.

I shook my head over the thought. Could it be? Of course not. No one would dare try such a thing. Moreover, they can’t possibly have improved robots to that point. I mean, Biden walked, even ran up to the podium before speaking. I guess the one thing that really convinced me that he is human were the mistakes. I mean, if they are going to replace a person with a robot, surely they wouldn’t go so far as to duplicate the mistakes as well, though it would help the realism.

There is one advantage of such a robot. It would be totally controlled by those who are behind him. It would mean that that Biden wouldn’t be making the decisions but a bunch of criminals behind the scenes.

I am something of a sci-fi fan. It certainly would make a good plot for a book, especially a futuristic book. Could such a thing happen today? Of course not. At least I don’t think so. Then again, I don’t see much difference. His people tell him what to do, what to say. That is sort of like a robot.

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