This Time, There’s a Difference

There have been disagreements before. There have been battles between dems and republicans since the end of the Civil War. However there is a difference this time.

Always before, there was one agreement between them. This time, the dems are anxiously trying to do away with The Constitution. This time, they want to so away with The Bill of Rights. You see they have a reason. They know that communism and The Constitution cannot coexist. At best, their hope is to make our form of government an element history.

Then again, I suspect they don’t even want that. Their hope is to also destroy history.

Then again, communism is just a distraction. Their real goal is to form a world wide dictatorship. Until there is but one dictator, there will be “wars and rumors of wars.” No one dictator will settle for a part of the world. They will want it all.

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