They Called ‘Truth’

The official newspaper was called “Pravda,” which means truth. In other words, the Soviets wrote lies and called them truth. It is an example, a demonstration that calling something the truth doesn’t always make it so.

On the other side of the coin, the truth is the truth and it cannot be made a lie, as the dems would like to do. The one thing that confuses me, when they say up is down and down is up, half the county believes them. They don’t question it. To be sure they call the lie the truth and, lo and behold, most many have little or no doubt. Those that have enough sense to figure it out are very cautious to openly question the lie. Look what happened to President Trump when he dared to doubt the Pravda of the dems. He was impeached, not once but twice.

Let’s look at one thing Biden did, prevent the oil pipeline. Let’s look at the repercussions.

  1. Over 1000 people lost their jobs in one day. It was said they can get other jobs. However, the fact is that 1000 families will be going hungry for a while and Biden characteristically doesn’t care. It is possible that one or two families will lose their homes. Several family dogs will be going into shelters or just turn lose to fend for themselves.
  2. The cost of oil and gasoline will go up. Those who can afford it least will be affected by it the most, those that must drive to and from work and those who use vehicles for their work. Farmers and truckers will have to pay more for diesel and all of us will have to pay more for heating and AC.
    On the other hand, the Arabs and Russians will be cheering at the higher profits they will get for their oil. It will also likely help that horrible dictator in Venezuela. It is not a side effect. It is planned. Bidden wants to help the monster. He likes the man. The two of them have a great deal on common.
  3. The tourist industry industry will suffer, this after they are already suffering from the virus. If people have to pay more for gas, they will do less traveling. Of course, tourist must travel. It sort of goes hand and hand.
  4. This will invariably have repercussions throughout the country: in refineries, manufacturing and the cost of finished goods.
  5. Perhaps worst of all, along with the moratorium on fracking, will put us at the mercy of other countries for our energy. We will have to bend to the will of those countries producing energy.
  6. Finally, the oil will not be stopped by stopping the oil line. It is ridiculously to think so. The oil will simply travel by other means: rail, barge and truck. All of these methods are more dangerous, less efficient, and far more expensive.

Let’s face it. Pravda got it wrong then and Biden is getting it wrong now. The question is, is it because he doesn’t know better or because he is doing it on purpose. The one is as bad or worse than the other. In the end, damage is just as bad.

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