Home of the Brave

Most of us recognize the words. We hear them regularly, though some would prefer to hide in locker rooms. Some, figuratively, defiantly, put their fingers in their ears every time the words are sung.

On the other hand, there are those that would do all they can to effectively negate the words. They want to make sure none of us !!are!! brave.

If we protect ourselves, if we protect others, if we defy the greenies, be sure; we will pay. They will find things with which to prosecure us. Never mind if it’s right. Never mind if it is even legal.

In many situations, a mere threat is enough to cause most to take the fetal position and cower. Even should we successfully defend ourselves in court, they ruin our lives. Indeed, in some cases a simple accusation in the NY Times is all it takes. In a way, it’s worse than a court case. We never get a day in court. We never get a chance to confront and challenge the accusers or their evidence. That jury of public opinion can be very rough and frequently wrong.

So, if those in control – the government, the media, the social media etc, etc, and so forth – have their way, the US will not be the home of the brave. Nothing will be left but the disarmed cowards. The brave will be disarmed and behind bars.

Then the controllers walk in and take control. No one will be left to stop them. No one dare be brave enough. Even if there were, they’d have no weapons with which to fight. The guns will all be locked up while criminals will be roving the streets. None of us want a such a world but it is the one for which we are headed. And by the way, don’t dare stand in the way, that is unless you want to have your name printed in the Pravda Times.

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